Omega: Some auction results

George’s coat went for £46,000

We have gotten the auction results from the Omega Beatles auction at the Hotel Adelphi in Liverpool. Among other things, George and Ringo’s clothes from the cover of the “Help!” album went under the hammer. Ringo Starr’s cape went for £52 000, while George Harrison’s rain coat fetched £46,000. The expected sales prices for these items were between £20,000 and £30,000 a piece, so the results were very good. The piano played by John and Paul at Twickenham film studios was sold for £49 000 to a South American collector. The prices we are referring to are net prices without commission, to give you an estimate, the full price for the piano was £57,500 (as well as shipping to South America), George’s jacket £54,000 and Ringo’s cape £61,000.

Gold disc for “Band On The Run”

Some of the items from Paul McCartney’s former house keeper Rose Martin were withdrawn from the auction, following action from McCartney’s lawyers.

The gold disc for “Band On The Run”, inscribed “Presented to Paul McCartney & Wings by EMI Records to recognise the sale in the UK of more than £150,000 worth of the Apple long playing record album Band On The Run 1974”, expected to sell for £1000 – £2000 and went for £3100.

Poster from the Hamburg days

A poster from Hamburg advertising The Beatles and Rory Storm and His Hurican at the Kaiserkeller in 1960, signed by Johnny Guitar from the Hurricanes escalated from the estimated £80 – £120 to the final sales price of £500!

But there were other lots that didn’t reach their estimates, One of these was a lot comprising, among other things, an ashtray used by The Beatles when they were interviewed at their hotel by DJ Johnny Rabbit from KX-OK Radio i St. Louis i 1965. The lot also included 2 ticket stubs from the concert at White Sox Park, Chicago on the 20th of August 1965, 2 movie ticket badges, a 39 cents Beatles hair brush in original packaging, a Beatles match book, a “I LOVE JOHN” & “BEATLES” Vari-Vue badge, plus a letter, envelope and “Beatle Buddies’ Club Card” from the USA Beatles fan club HQ. The lot was estimated to £500 – £700 but only fetched £340.

There were two Let It Be boxed sets up for sale, this one went for £190

It was also possible to make some bargains during the auction, most of these were things further down the list, and many of these lots were assorted vinyl records. A complete “Let It Be” boxed set with the Apple poster included went for £190, while a mint copy of the same boxed set without the poster fetched £400.

A collection of eight Japanese laser discs, “The First U.S. Visit”, “Ready Steady Go!”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Yellow Submarine”, “The Beatles Story”, “Magical Mystery Tour”, “John Lennon – Imagine” and “John Lennon – The Beatles and Beyond” was sold for £60, less than a tenner a disc.

Cheap: Beatles magazines and a book

Seven assorted Beatles magazines and a book went for £38, they were “Meet The Beatles”, “In America”, “By Royal Command”, “The Beatles”, “Carnegie Hall”, the book “The True Story” and a supplement from “The Times”.

A full set of autographs from 1963 plus eight magazines.

A lucky bidder got away with a full set of Beatles autographs from July 1963 when they played at The Odeon in Weston Super-Mare, plus seven of the ten first original Beatles Monthly Books and a “Meet The Beatles” magazine for “only” £1700, they were valued at £2 000 – £3 000.

Other lots remained unsold, amongst them the chair and table from the Apple Boutique. A complete list of the results can be found here.

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  1. Sara S. says:

    I was able to listen to the auction live and I even won something! It was pretty fun to watch the bidding.

  2. wogew says:

    What did you get, Sara?

  3. Sara S. says:

    I won a lot of Beatles scrapbooks, magazines and newspaper clippings. I hope I can use them on my blog!

  4. Sara S. says:

    Well—I now own the Beatles ashtray and other items that you list here.

  5. wogew says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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