Ram box arrived

The Ram boxed set is about the same size as the three previous archive boxes put together

Ram was released in several countries today, including my native Norway and that huge European country, Germany. It was a bit bigger than I expected, as you can see from the photo. Unfortunately, the HP guys over at paulmccartney.com hadn’t taken into account that there are earlier release dates in some countries, so when I tried to redeem my code for downloading the hi-rez versions of the songs, I was sent to a page that wasn’t there yet. And I had spent my can-only-be-used-once code…

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  1. Brian Fried says:

    e-mail Topspin and tell them you had a problem with the code. I've had problems with each purchase from them — up to and including not getting the code for bonus material with my purchase of Kisses On The Bottom — and they've been kind enough to help me every time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Topspin is pretty sloppy at these things. And HP's work on the Macca site has been hit-and-miss, which is a bit surprising since it's supposed to be some sort of showcase for them.

  3. Mark says:

    I had ridiculous problems trying to download the hi-res files for the McCartney II reissue, and found Topspin to be of no use whatsoever.

    My download was incomplete, and after getting nowhere with my queries, I ended up downloading the missing tracks in a torrent file.

    How insane to be forced to illegally download something you'd already paid for!

    Thanks for posting the pictures, the book looks epic!

  4. Dogma says:

    Hi Roger! I was wondering… What do you use to hear the High Res tracks?? Can you recommend something to really feel the diference in sound?? Thanks

  5. wogew says:

    You can get the high resolution audio files through your stereo amplifier in several ways. If it has a USB port you can use a flash memory stick or an external hard drive. If your DVD player goes through your amplifier you can burn the files as data on a DVD+R or DVD-R disc, or if you have the right programme you can burn a DVD-A(udio) disc. Whatever works for you.

  6. shekespeare says:

    I must admit that do not like downloading music, I have always inclined to buy physical music. For these McCartney box sets never used my codes and don't have idea if this have an expiration date. Some time ago buy a the CD Power To The People The Hits of John Lennon and brings a download card and unlike McCartney, this have deadline, but neither have ever used.
    By the way the RAM Deluxe Edition Box Set will be released on April 22 in North American, I pre ordered mine from the Amazon store, I'm just counting the days.

  7. Gabor Peterdi says:

    If you have a decent home audio system than get Cirlinca HD Audio, create a regular DVD from the 96/24 files and take a listen. You'll be blown away how much better these sound than the regular CD.

  8. maccafan14 says:

    I had an issue as well and Katie from TopSpin emailed me a different link than that on the card. From there I could download the files in 3 song zip files each. They come in wav file format.

    I didn't have the same issue with the first deluxe releases, but I had issues with the way Kisses on the Bottom was handled. I eventually picked up a CD with the bonus tracks I already downloaded with my code, (I just like having the tracks on CD), for $10 at Target.

    I was more bent they only had 6 tracks from the "exclusive concert album" which was then released a week later for $10 on iTunes.

    Anyway, the RAM box is great and I am hoping for James Paul McCartney TV Special to be part of Wild Life or Red Rose Speedway.

  9. maccafan14 says:

    Also- I thought the extra bonus tracks were just for pre-orders on his site, but apparently they too were part of the deluxe box but only as downloads.

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