Remembering Lennon

Life Magazine’s Lennon issue from 2005

Things are starting to gear up for the inevitable celebration of John Lennon’s life for the 75th anniversary of his birth, October 9. Life is bringing an updated version of their “Remembering Lennon” issue from 2005, which was also updated as late as in 2013.

75 years adrift in a collarless suit

The BBC has been celebrating Lennon with a radio show where Lennon himself is narrating through interviews, John Lennon:Verbatim was broadcast last Saturday on BBC Radio 4. It’s still available internationally from this page.

Another BBC celebration was the rebroadcast of a Top Of The Pops 2 TV special which was made for Lennon’s 60th birthday, it is now available for UK viewers and people capable of circumventing the UK only BBC iPlayer here.

One thing not happening for the 75th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth is the release of the updated One to One concert film and recordings we have previously speculated about. We have no updates about this project.

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  1. Unknown says:

    That's the pisser about his birthday this year, no One To One release. I mean, they release many new John Lennon albums using the official canon, and then his 75th birthday rolls around, and it's like Capitol has forgotten he ever existed. No albums, no DVDs … What gives? This should be a special celebration! On his 70th birthday, we got Signature Box, Gimme Some Truth, Power To The People-The Hits and Double Fantasy Stripped Down all on the same day!

  2. Unknown says:

    Must be waiting for his 80th to bring out any new packages. Another box of rarities would be sweet, but I wonder if box sets will still be made in five years. The unfortunate thing is no matter what is left, they have to save things for the big numbers. I think the 0's will be getting the attention over the 5's going forward.

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