Restoring the Pepper caravan

The Sgt Pepper caravan in it’s heyday.

During 2012 a long lost piece of Beatles History, the psychedelic Sgt Pepper’s Gypsy Caravan, previously owned by John Lennon, was rediscovered. The caravan is in need of an extensive and highly specialised restoration to bring it back to the glory of its 1967 debut. Over the next 18 months the Delight Makers charity will be undertaking the restoration, whilst producing a documentary of its untold story.

The aim is to have the restored caravan and film ready for 2017, the 50th anniversary of the Sgt Peppers Album release. The next step will be to take the caravan on tour to promote peace education. The project is called Peacing Together.

In addition to preserving a unique piece of Beatles History and cultural “memorabilia”, the documentary of the untold story aims to broaden our insight and understanding of John Lennon, beyond his well known contribution to music and world peace.

It is hoped that the caravan and Peacing Together tour will act as a catalyst and provide an opportunity to reach out and connect with a global audience to raise funds and awareness for peace and healing.


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