Setlist 1960

This list of songs was on display at the recent Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans. It’s in Stu Sutcliffe’s handwriting, and was compiled by Stu shortly after he joined The Beatles in early 1960 as their bass player. It is part of Jeff Augsburger‘s collection, and a great document showing which songs the band used to play back then.
1 Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry)
2 Gone Gone Gone (Jack Johnson)
3 Ain’t She Sweet (Yellen – Ager)
4 Hallelujah, I Love Her So (Ray Charles)
5 Carol (Chuck Berry)
6 Sweet Little Sixteen (Chuck Berry)
7 Milk Cow Blues (Kokomo Arnold)
8 Move Over (Move It On Over by Hank Williams?)
9 True Love (Cole Porter) but probably Your True Love (Carl Perkins)
10 Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
11 Honey Don’t (Carl Perkins)
12 Lend Me Your Comb (Kay Twomey, Fred Wise, Ben Weisman)
13 Dance In The Street (Gene Vincent)
14 Up A Lazy River (Hoagy Carmichael)
15 Somebody Like Me (Eddy Arnold)
16 Home (Lennon – McCartney?)
17 Winston’s walk (Lennon – McCartney)
18 Cat’s walk (McCartney) later retitled Cat Call
19 Roc-A-Chicka (Warner Mack)
20 Be Bop A Lula (Gene Vincent)
21 What’d I Say (Ray Charles)
22 Move On Down The Line (Roy Orbison)
23 I Don’t Care (If The Sun Don’t Shine) (Mack David)
24 Whole Lotta Shakin’ (Williams – Hall)

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