Something is rotten

The Norwegian “Something”/”Come Together” single

The people running the Beatles website, YouTube and Twitter accounts, Facebook page, Instagram account etc are releasing images through their various social media outlets, in order to promote Yesterday the above photo was release with the caption: “Something/Come Together single sleeve – Netherlands, 1969. #BeatlesArchive”

As you can see, and “something” that is easily verified, that is not the Dutch release, but the Norwegian one. And one that has been licenced out by Apple to various manufacturers of new Beatles apparel. I have a shopping bag with the image of this particular single.

I really can’t get it. How come someone knowledgable and a fan of the group can’t be employed to administer The Beatles’ presence in the social media division?

For those who wonder, this is what the Dutch release looked like.

Something/Come Together single sleeve, Netherlands, 1969. #BeatlesArchive

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