Yoko bought Lennon’s former home?

Newcastle Road number 9

An article in Breitbart.com speculates that Yoko Ono may have been the anonymous bidder who last year bought 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool, John Lennon’s address from birth to age five. After that, he was taken away from his mother Julia and given to his aunt Mimi and uncle George, to be raised at 251 Menlove Avenue, also known as “Mendips”. According to Breitbart.com, the identity of the buyer has been “common knowledge” around Liverpool since the auction. Another tell tale sign is that the same team that Yoko Ono hired to refurbish Mendips, is working on 9 Newcastle Road.

One thing that may have mattered in Yoko’s decision to purchase the house, is that it fits into one of the Lennons’ theories: That the number 9 has great significance in Lennon’s life. Apart from the things he created himself, like #9 Dream, Revolution #9 and Yoko deciding to give birth to Sean on John’s birthday, the number 9 has popped up by coincidence several times. John’s first address was 9 Newcastle Road, so it fits. Even in death, number 9 haunted Lennon, as it may well have been just before midnight on December 8 in New York when he was killed, but it was already many hours into December 9th in Liverpool at the time.

After having bought and refurbished Mendips, Yoko gave the building to the National Trust, who have turned it into a tourist attraction with regular daily visits: see this link.

Perhaps we’ll get another Liverpool Lennon attraction once the house has been refurbished? Next year John would have turned 75, had he lived, so we know something is planned to mark that.

Source: Breitbart.com

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