Zemeckis wants Paul and Ringo

Robert Zemeckis wants Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to return to Pepperland. Director Zemeckis is making a 3-D performance-capture adaptation of the classic cartoon movie, “Yellow Submarine.” “We haven’t gotten the word yet on the two surviving Beatles, whether they’re interested in doing it or not,” the director said during an interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz.
Paul and Ringo are Zemeckis’ first choices. “Of course it would be,” he said.
In the 1968 cartoon original, other actors provided the Beatles voices due to The Beatles’ busy schedule and quite possibly also because The Beatles were unsure whether the film was a good idea or not. At a private screening of the finished movie, The Beatles were overjoyed about the final result, and Lennon proposed to the movie’s director that he could now manage to persuade the boys to go to the studio and re-dub the film with their own voices. Sadly, at that stage it was too late.

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