Magic Alex hits back

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  1. Pineapples101 says:

    Very interesting. Thank you 🙂

  2. elixir101 says:

    Fascinating to read another side to this story, many thanks!

  3. Marion Bridger says:

    Hi, The Beatles also owned 32 Boston Place. We didn't have a ground floor because the studio was underneath us and used to be a Handsome Cab Stable. When they closed 34 Boston Place they gave my Grandmother a wooden rocking chair and a Mickey Mouse soft toy they had brought back from America. I still have these two items. My grandmother idolised Ringo and often spoke with him when he visited Boston place. She knitted him a coat of many colours. I'm sure you must remember my Nan leaning out the window upst

  4. Unknown says:

    Here's a whole lot of "someone doesn't know what they're talking about"

  5. J.Oliver Hazley says:

    I don't believe him. In fact, his denials sound hollow. He is a villain who absolutely was a big part of the decline of the Beatles. He doesn't even have the decency to be ashamed of his historically bad actions. When he dies, his soul will suffer.Endlessly.


      Having read McCartney’s book by Barry Miles- with complete co-operation with Paul ( entitled ”Many Years from now”) documenting the whole of Paul’s life up to 19997 – I have no hesitation in believing Madras to be a complete Charlatan.

  6. zoran says:

    Alex, he can lie very well to people and you seems to be good at,very good. but he cannot lie to himself and God.

  7. Paul LaRosa says:

    Based on detailed accounts by others, I would have to say that "No Magic" Alex is a liar. Read Goeff Emmerick's book — he was The Beatles sound engineer so he knows what he's talking about — and he characterized what Alex built as a complete piece of junk. All of this is in the book: "Here, There and Everywhere." And Cynthia Lennon's book has a story of how Alex tried to seduce her immediately after she came home and found John with Yoko. Two different books neither of which paint Alex as a trustworthy person…..

  8. Dr.Tomoculus says:

    None of them tell the truth! Not The Beatles nor Magic Alex! Not even Cynthia Lennon!


      But who knows the Whole Truth?
      Are you suggesting no-one tells the truth …because no single person can ever know the various sides of any or every issue.
      It’s a different issue that anyone is actually lying – lying for their own particular end . But P.C. will know more than, for example – you or I.

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