George Harrison cassette leaks

It appears that allmusic has published snippets of songs which are samples from a full cassette of George Harrison with his acoustic guitar, performing songs. In a YouTube post from Beatles Leaks, we are treated to the beginning of each of the songs, but also published is information about the length of each track on the original cassette. The YouTube title George Harrison – Cassette Sessions (All Things Must Pass 2021 Box Set Leak) UNRELEASED AUDIO! says it all, we guess. These are the tracks:

1 Dera Duhn (George Harrison) 01:23
2 Audio 1 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:22
3 See Yourself (George Harrison) 01:49
4 Audio 2 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:18
5 Going Down to Golders Green (George Harrison) 02:17
6 Audio 3 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:03
7 Everybody, Nobody (George Harrison) 02:25
8 Audio 4 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:34
9 Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison) 03:24
10 Audio 5 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:39
11 Behind That Locked Door (George Harrison) 03:16
12 Audio 6 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:34
13 All Things Must Pass (George Harrison) 05:18
14 Let It Down (George Harrison) 00:11
15 Audio 7 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:47
16 Come and Get It (Paul McCartney) 00:27
17 Audio 8 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:41
18 Five Year Slog (Son of Taxman) (George Harrison) 02:32
19 Audio 9 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:32
20 Window, Window (George Harrison) 03:20
21 Audio 10 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:14
22 Lay, Lady, Lay (Bob Dylan) 03:30
23 Mother Divine (George Harrison) 04:31
24 Get Outta Bed You Lazy Bugger (George Harrison) 01:01
25 Audio 11 (Interlude) (George Harrison) 00:22
26 We’re Gonna Move (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley) 02:13
27 Hey Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan) 03:04
28 Long, Long, Long (George Harrison)

The snippets were shared on YouTube, but have since been removed by the powers that be. Our friendly neighbourhood blog, Beatles Liverpool Locations examined the snippets in detail in their recent blog post.

The 50th anniversary edition of Georges triple album “All Things Must Pass” is in the works or may already be finished, but failed to materialise for last year’s anniversary. What we did get, though – was a sample of the new mix by Paul Hicks, of the title song. The album is now expected to see release in 2021.

Meanwhile, our thoughts go to George’s widow, Olivia Harrison, who is currently recovering from Covid 19. Yesterday, she published this on her Instagram account:

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  1. Roland says:

    It’s exciting to hear George unplugged on his own demo-ing his songs, but somewhat disappointing that they haven’t bothered to correct the cassette ‘wobble’ (slight speed variations in the playback/recording of the tape) – obvious in Long Long Long or Mr Tambourine Man, for example. I would have thought modern technology could fix those sort of things. Like this it can be a bit frustrating, like listening to a broken tape….

  2. Jeff Hitz says:

    Sounds like a fake to me.

  3. The Beatles Videos says:

    Great to see my video here! Unfortunately they got taken down for copyright.

  4. Reed says:

    I see that the post was taken down on YouTube. Glad I recorded it before they did.

  5. kozmo says:

    I didn’t know that Olivia had caught Covid. Hoping she recovers soon, and completely!!

  6. rick says:

    Good luck Olivia. Get well soon

  7. onemojofilter says:

    Any word on when this might get released? Especially interested in the outtakes if it’s legit.

  8. matts076 says:

    I’ve been trying to get the 1969 Sessions & Cassette Sessions samples. Is there anyplace to still hear them?

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