Revolver – first look

Ringo shows off the back of the new Revolver boxed set.

Yesterday, Ringo Starr showed us a glimpse of the new Revolver boxed set in his video update. Now here’s a closer look at the elements inside the box.

LP + EP version. As you can see, Robert Freeman’s attempt at the cover is now part of the package.

CD version


1 CD
2 CD
1 LP
All details and prices in the official announcement in a few days.
So, no blu-ray and the Dolby Atmos version likely to be streaming only.

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  1. Andrey Michael says:

    Where did the images come from?

  2. leondonaruma says:

    Great news! I’m waiting now for the “torrent” version 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  3. nateboy2 says:

    It appears that the leaked track listing is really the final track listing. The question I have is whether Ringo is holding up the vinyl box or the CD box. Perhaps the vinyl box doesn’t include a 5.1 surround sound mix Blu Ray, but the CD box still has it on a Blu Ray? That really seems to be the only question up in the air. Though, early reports are that the 5.1 is only to be found on streaming services. That would be horrible, if true, and would really hurt the sales of the CD box set.

  4. nateboy2 says:

    Ah, never mind. I see a CD set photo is also included here. Bummer. Looks like no Blu Ray in the offering.

  5. Brian Burhans says:

    This is off topic but c’mon, Ringo, you may want to give the hair & beard dye a miss. An 80-year-old man does not have black hair. Paul looks great with his gray hair and you would too.

  6. John Kaelin says:

    I’m looking forward to the CD set. I like obtaining the unreleased tracks. I would imagine Rubber Soul is next.

  7. Mikko Suhonen says:

    The ep looks like a 10” to me, that would be fabulous.


    Box set without DVD / Bluray? Disney Version? Crap….

    • DukeViking says:

      UMe – are the folks that have pushed the blu-ray out in accordance to fund their streaming machine – which is what happened with the LIB51 box set last year for the Rooftop performance (also on their YouTube channel). Giles alluded he had no control on what went in the box other than lead the remix project.

  9. Renato da Silva Lima says:

    Not releasing the blu-ray is crazy. Someone will pirate and sell instead of Apple.

  10. Corwin Booth says:

    Ah, I am confused! I haven’t seen any mention of a Hires version of the new mix, as has been on all the other “cd” deluxe sets, but I guess there isn’t one (except streaming) since no bluray. I don’t care about 5.1. I had been getting the cd deluxe set plus the lp (if I liked the remix enuf, so far just SPLHCB and AR), but I guess this time just the lp set. So be it.

  11. Dave Beaney says:

    No blu ray/ surround mix and another wasted cd with the “EP”. I assume the price reflects this?
    Very disappointed and my first Beatles non purchase

  12. Win Corr says:

    I won’t buy it without the Blu Ray disc. That would piss me off.

    • Win Corr says:

      Maybe, they couldn’t figure out how to do a worthwhile 5.1. I am sure there will be decent bootlegs though. If they don’t issue one.

      • FraFo says:

        That alone isn’t a decent enough excuse. There’s also no hi resolution version of the standard album now. That’s not dependent on the viability of a 5.1 mix. Could have padded it out with the music videos in all their permutations.

      • olivernutherwun says:

        Back in the day….TOUP put out a fairly decent 5.1 bootleg of Revolver (it used to be on torrent sites) – so…if they can do it, without access to master tapes…..

        • Geoff Falk says:

          I have noticed that certain 4K UHD movies with Atmos, or television shows like Netflix, do have good Atmos. But that’s not the point. To not include the holy grail of mixes is just plain dumb. I can’t believe that Paul or Ringo didn’t give this a mention, particularly Paul since he’s Mr. Business Man and he does so much recording.

          If I can’t get a BluRay of this Atmos version that’s it for me…it was a wonderful 55 years.

  13. Billy Dojcak says:

    No bluray = No sale

  14. Stoneburner says:

    I’ve got the 1987 and 2009 Stereo CDs . I’ve got the mono CD in the box set along with mono versions of the “Paperback Writer” single . I’ve got the stereo “Past Masters” with the stereo “Paperback Writer” single . I’ve got a 1970’s stereo vinyl LP and the single . I’ve got half a dozen of the so-called “unreleased” material on “Anthology 2” and another few on good quality bootlegs . I don’t care whether there is a bluray in this set . I don’t really need another book on The Beatles (the writing style on the most recent sets makes the Beatles Monthly sound like the height of cynical criticism) .
    This set will initially retail at around £100 I would think . So for the first time in this “release programme” I’m going to give this a miss on release , and hang on for a price reduction (Let It Be box is £69 at the moment) and think about it then .
    And I still might not bother .

  15. John Billett says:

    All those saying “There’s no Blu-Ray so I’m not buying it”. Are you mad? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The whole point is the new stereo mix and the bonus tracks of sessions and demos. I don’t care one little bit if there’s a Blu-Ray or not. I’ll be enjoying the music while you won’t be.

    • here hear! so true…… bc tmrw neva kno

    • Actually we will enjoy the music. Everybody can download it in a hour after release. But we won’t buy 5CD and a book for 200 USD. The big problem is that many will feel the same and that really going to hurt the possible release of the other albums. People who bought the CD and the vinyl boxes will only buy the vinyl now. And it all because of a bad decision.

    • José Luis Carrillo says:

      Let me exlplain to you. Surround sound is to stereo as stereo was to mono back in the 60’s. We, the lovers of surround sound, do want the surround mix and not all do have an Atmos facility. Besides, all the previous releases, Sgt. Pepper’s, The White Album, Abbey Road and Let it Be, came with the blubray disc, so the new Beatles collection is now incomplete. Moreover, the Revolver box set comes with a fifth CD with the mono mix, which is an item that is widely available and that I’m sure most of the Beatles fans that are purchading the new box sets already has. If you want and can buy this expensive box set which is incomplete and do has a repeated item, and you’re fine with a new mix in stereo which is an outdated format, good for you, but there is no need to call mad those of us who want the blu ray with a 5.1 mix to hear all the sounds in Revolver coming from different speakers and do want the new collection cimplete. I think it’s suspicious that there’s a mix in Dolby Atmos available only to download. Can this be the result of an agreement with Dolby to promote this new technology? I’m not against Atmos, is the next step, but to include a repeated mono mix instead of a brand new 5.1 is ridiculous.

  16. Martin Toussaint says:

    Really unbelievable they choose not to include the 5.1 mix in the box.
    Won’t buy it.

  17. Jerome says:

    I have a 7.1 version of Revoler and it would be terrible for them to not include this item…

  18. Geoff Falk says:

    No Atmos disc. This is the only time in my life I am saying NO to the Beatles. I’m almost angry. What a stupid decision. I have White album, SPLHCB and. Abbey Road and paid those crazy prices for the surround mixes. I will not be purchasing this until they add a Blu-ray for the Atmos which probably won’t happen.


  19. olivernutherwun says:

    So where do we start our petition for the blu ray disc to be added (swap it for the pointless EP); this is clearly the decision of an accountant with no idea of the market demographic for these things (all the other Beatle boxes included 5.1 (Sgt Pepper did it twice!) – this needs to as well. As others have pointed out, the stereo remix can be (and will be) downloaded within the first hour of release – so that’s not the lure.

    And for those who don’t think it matters – ponder this – if the bulk of us refuse to buy this one, you can kiss goodbye to Rubber Soul getting a turn.

    P.S. One final observation: I’ve not streamed atmos audio only – but I have streamed UHD films with atmos – and the audio isn’t the same (as good as) the same film (re atmos audio) on UHD disc. So there may be another reason to be pissed off, even for those happy to stream

  20. James Pauley says:

    Global petition now online protesting the lack of Blu-Ray disc in this release. Please sign and share (especially SHARE).

  21. Arno Guzek says:

    Don’t blame Universal. It’s Apple and the Fabs that have decided that we will get no blu-ray. Since Emi Capitol lost the case to Apple in was it 1987? no one except Apple can decide what to release. And all 5 directors at Apple must be united for the release. If one say no then there is no new release. Check the apple contract at companies house in London. Yoko Sean Olivia Bruce Grakal and Lee Eastman are the 5 persons now at Apple you can blame.

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