Abbey Road rehearsal

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  1. Cas says:

    The story doesn't tally. As everybody knows, the Abbey Road cover shoot took place on August 8th, 1969, a Friday…

  2. wogew says:

    Kevin Harrington wrote his ebook from memory, and the facts weren't checked by him or anyone else before publication. He also misspelt Iain Macmillan as Ian McMillan and placed the Abbey Road recording sessions too early in 1969. This is due to the tricks your memory plays on you and not due to a fabricated story.

  3. Martin says:

    True, Roger. When I was a child I saw both the Help! and Let It Be films. Both were on BBC TV around Xmas 1979, and for years I could have sworn I saw Ringo in a red jacket playing his drums in the middle of a a field. Of course Ringo wore a red coat during the windy rooftop gig. While he played his kit on Sailsbury Plain during Help! It was a bit of both films mixed together to make memory. That's how it happens sometimes…

  4. Unknown says:

    Cas if you read it again, Kevin is talking about the set up shots that were shoot for the boys to look at on a sunday, before the friday actual shoot

  5. Richard Porter says:

    Kevin showed me the photo the other day! He is telling the truth :>)

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