The Long and Winding Road documentary – a review

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  1. Tammy says:

    Great review. As a video collecter this movie has long been a thing of myth. No matter the quality, I really want to see it, this is what John would have seen, and somehow connects him to the Anthology.

  2. Unknown says:

    Looking forward to the arrival of this package, as I have been since late last year!

    Also curious if there is any chance we'll see the original "Get Back" film of what became the "Let It Be" movie. I always wondered if the text in the "Get Back" book that originally accompanied the album was an indication of what the original film comprised of.

    • Unknown says:

      Although there is nothing new on the CD of this set. Its nice to have the latest rebroadcast of the Swedish radio recording. The sound is excellent as is the audio of the Swedish TV appearance by The Beatles. Its certainly the best sound I have heard on CD.

  3. Hugh Nique says:

    @Ted Pastuszak – You mix-up the album with the movie. Paul released a live video in the 90's that is called 'Get Back' but that's it. There never was an 'original Get Back' movie by the Beatles. The plan was to release a live-in-the-studio back-to-the-roots album and that project was titled 'Get Back'. The filming was done for a planned TV-documentary to supplement the album. Because they still owed another movie to United Artists, the 16mm film was blown up to 35mm so it could be shown in theaters.

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