The Helen Shapiro Tour

I’m currently researching a bit for a new article on the Helen Shapiro Tour of 1963, so I’m probably going to be posting a few tidbits from that tour during the coming weeks. Here’s a handbill and an itinarary.


  • 2 February Gaumont, Bradford
  • 5 February Gaumont, Doncaster
  • 6 February Granada, Bedford
  • 7 February Regal, Kirkgate
  • 8 February ABC, Carlisle
  • 9 February Empire, Sunderland


  • 23 February Granada, Mansfield
  • 24 February Coventry Theatre, Coventry
  • 26 February Gaumont, Taunton
  • 27 February Rialto, York
  • 28 February Granada, Shrewsbury
  • 1 March Odeon, Southport
  • 2 March City Hall, Sheffield
  • 3 March Gaumont, Hanley

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  1. walrus gumboot says:

    Hey that’s right,
    I saw the Beatles at the Regal in Wakefield, but the number of times in Books and on the net you see it as ABC or even Odeon is unbelivable !!

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