Icon Lennon and Starr releases

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  1. Paul McCartney Hofner says:

    There are going to be many Beatles releases within the next two months. Paul's "NEW Collectors Edition" is set on amazon for August 25th. The "Beatles Mono Vinyl Box Set" is scheduled for September 9th, the same date as John & Ringo's "Icon" albums. The George Harrison "Apple Years" box set is rumored for September 22nd and the Archive release of "Venus & Mars" and "At The Speed of Sound" is September 22(UK)/23(US). A lot of releases for August and September.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have to figure the Lennon disc is not going to be anything very essential, though you can't rule out one song being a single edit or something that most don't have.

  3. Brian Fried says:

    Bon Jovi's Icon release was actually his 1992 hits album Crossroads. I expect the same thing will happen here for John and Ringo.

    Lennon's will either be a re-release of The John Lennon Collection or Gimme Some Truth (the single disc from a few years ago).

    Starr's I expect will be a re-release of Photograph.

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