Japan boxed set preordering

The boxed set image in a high resolution. Photo: Apple Corps Ltd/Universal Music Group

Here’s some preordering information regarding the upcoming 5 CD boxed set from Japan. The Beatles Store Japan is unable to ship the boxed set out of the country, but you may order it from here:

SpinCDs.com: £ 149.99

Amazon.co.jp: ¥ 15,120

Amazon.com: $118.98


Japanese original box set of The Beatles contains 5 albums released in Japan from 1964 through 1965.
Each album artwork faithfully replicates the original Japanese album artwork, including obi and inner sleeve.
Each album uses 2009 remaster (mono master: “Meet The Beatles,” “The Beatles’ Second Album” / stereo master: “A Hard Day’s Night” / original stereo mix: “HELP!”).

Following are the titles and release years: “Meet The Beatles (Japanese title: Beatles!) (1964),” “The Beatles’ Second Album (Japanese title: Beatles No.2) (1964),” “A Hard Day’s Night (Japanese title: Beatles ga Yattekuru Ya! Ya! Ya!) (1964),” “Beatles No.5 (1965),” and “HELP! (Japanese title: 4 Nin wa Idol) (1965).”
Available for CD format for the first time in the world.

Comes with a 100-page (subject to change) booklet with Japanese contents. Deluxe box packaging.
CDs are pressed in Japan and cardboard sleeves are made in Japan. According to these notes, the “Help!” title will be using the original sixties stereo mix, as included with the 2009 UK mono boxed set.

Released on June 25th, Spin CDs are expecting to have them on 30th June 2014,
and the item will be dispatched on release. This is a limited edition release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    £30 a CD, eh?
    And they said VINYL had never been more profitable!
    I've got a feeling this is a box-set where the price won't be coming down

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