New “New” confirmed for October

Time for another new New

We told you before, and now it’s official: There will be yet another edition of Paul McCartney’s album “New” from October 2013, the release date is October 28th, 2014. This will feature a hardbound cover, which will hold 2 CDs and 1 DVD, and it’s called “Collector’s Edition”.


1. Save Us

2. Alligator

3. On My Way To Work

4. Queenie Eye

5. Early Days

6. New

7. Appreciate

8. Everybody Out There

9. Hosanna

10. I Can Bet

11. Looking At Her

12. Road

13. Turned Out

14. Get Me Out Of Here

Disc: 2

1. Struggle (previously available only in Japan)

2. Hell To Pay (previously unreleased)

3. Demon’s Dance (previously unreleased)

4. Save Us (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)

5. New (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)

6. Queenie Eye (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)

7. Everybody Out There (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)


01. Something New

02. New Interview (Bang & Olufsen Presents The Living Room Tour: Launching Paul McCartney’s Album ‘New’)

03. The Promo Tour:

03.1. MGM Grand for iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas, 21st September 2013

03.2. Hollywood Boulevard with Jimmy Kimmel, Los Angeles, 23rd September 2013

03.3. NBC Studios with Jimmy Fallon, New York, 7th October 2013

03.4. Times Square, New York, 10th October 2013

03.5. The Shard, London, 15th October 2013

03.6. BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, 16th October 2013

03.7. The London Studios with Graham Norton, London, 17th October 2013

03.8. Covent Garden and HMV Oxford Street, London, 18th October 2013

04. Music Videos:

04.1. Queenie Eye

04.2. Save Us

04.3. Appreciate

04.4. Early Days

04.5. Making Of Queenie Eye

04.6. Making Of Appreciate

04.7. Making Of Early Days

Total DVD Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

As excited as we are of getting two new songs, we have to admit that as long standing fans, we are getting a bit tired of this constant repackaging of music that we have already bought.

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5 Responses

  1. Gabor Peterdi says:

    Ok, next time I'll wait for the end of schedule. I bought the Target exclusive CD, the High-Res files, then the japanese CD and now I will buy this one too. It's a great album, but a Collector's edition should be released with regular CD first. We have come a long way from the Beatles' no single tracks on the albums policy. Remember that, Paul?

  2. Tammy says:

    This still gives way better value than the Harrison Apple years set, talk about short changing 🙂

  3. Andreas says:

    I am surprised that Paul is now apparently (re)releasing three albums at the end of October. I don't think that this new version of "New" will be favourable for sales of "Venus and Mars" and "At the Speed of Sound". Does he perhaps think that there are two sets of fans out there, young McCartney fans who are buying the "New" album and middle-aged Wings fans buying the old stuff?

  4. Brian Fried says:

    For those who want just the extra songs, expect them to show up on iTunes as an EP — or at least the ability to buy them separately, as they did with Complete Kisses. That will save some money for the audio collectors who don't care about having all the video.

    (Though I am disappointed the Target video isn't available on this one because Target Canada didn't carry that version.)

    As for the archives and timing, remember that The Family Way was released with one of the archives, and some of the other albums always seem to get slipped in at the same time as other archival releases. It's really two different markets: the ones who buy the archives will buy them at release and then they'll sit as box sets in your local music shop.

  5. vagma says:

    Two new songs and a two hour DVD!


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