Fab 4 contributions for Ringo in 1980

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  1. Tom W says:

    This was a very interesting story not knowns to many of us about the times when the then ex-Beatles were seemingly pretty friendly when crossing paths and mingling musically with Ringo. Public swipes at each other seemed to have ceased (except with John’s concerns about Ringo’s partying ways) with even JOL complimenting Paul before the tragic happening which made it that much more painful when thinking about the “could be possible” angle of that renewed friendship.

  2. Michael says:

    I spent much of the article wondering if “lightening” was a spelling error or a deliberate play on words used in the title of the song/album – it kept switching back and forth between this and the correct spelling.

    • admin says:

      Sorry about that, I am not a native English speaker (or writer), so I let a couple of mistakes slip by. My bad. I’ll correct them for you 😉

  3. Michael says:

    No problem – it’s a common error even amongst native English speakers. It just so happened that the way it was occurring through the course of the story had me wondering whether Ringo was trying to be a little clever with the naming of the album!

  4. Danny Jones says:

    I have a demo of John singing a track from Milk & Honey – i think it’s Nobody Told Me – which he introduces “ah this ones for Ringo” – so i wonder if 1. It’s not a misleading edit by a bootlegger and 2. Ringo knows about that one , as i dont believe he has ever sung that track

  5. nateboy2 says:

    I think John’s demo, “Life Begins At 40″ was also meant for Ringo. It definitely sounds like it’s written in a ‘Ringo” style. I wish he’d record it now. He could rename it, “Life Begins At 80”.

  6. mpb says:

    i think the ‘string section’ in Ringo’s Grow Old With Me is from That’s the Way It Goes (from Gone Troppo). Is the that same as Here Comes the Sun?

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