More about the two officially released versions of the Get Back album

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  1. DukeViking says:

    Excellent post! This is Beatles calculus.

  2. tulirepo says:

    Thank you for this article! Really enlightening. It also sheds a light on the mechanisms that determine what the fans eventually get to hear for their money. And what not. And why. (Rooftop concert ..)

  3. Ronald says:

    I presume the 4 songs now on the “EP” would have been split between CDs 1 and 2 of the original box set, if the rooftop concert had been CD3. That would have meant a mixture of Glyn Johns’s mixes on CD2. Apart from confirming the story of “1969 Recordings”, I can’t see much more has been revealed.

  4. Arno Guzek says:

    2020 version was Giles, Glyn, Rooftop and Outtakes
    2021 version is Giles, Apple sessions, Rehearsals, Glyn, Ep
    2021 Giles mastered late in 2020 after the 2020 project was cancelled followed by Apple sessions & Rehearsals and last 2 songs from EP and thus not planned for 2020 at all.
    2021 Glyn Japan mix mastered in late 2019
    2021 Giles HD versions mastered early 2021 followed by 2021 Glyn rest of world mix followed by 2 first songs from EP and not planned for 2020 at all.
    2019 Rooftop and Outakes/Rehearsals mastered late in the year

    So far I haven’t found the masternumbers for Giles 2020, but they were ready in april 2020!

    • Dean says:

      HiArno, where did the image for the book above come from? as I have an original cardboard cutout of that image that was in a shop selling cassettes and 8 tracks in 1974, that a friend was given. He’s had it ever since.

  5. Arthur Barry says:

    Hi Arno…..Arthur

  6. Louis Bova says:

    After giving a hard listen to the “Rest of the World” compared to the Japanese SHM CD and using Arno Guzek’s references as a guide to difference, I’m coming to a conclusion that maybe Miles Showell used the time between the original 2019 master and what was marked FINAL 2020 master to reassess the quality. To my ears all I’m really hearing is that maybe Miles reconsidered the use of compression that is referred to as “opaque” on the Japanese (2019 master) version. The European (2020 master) version is brighter but what is referred to as “hiss” is really just the recording atmosphere and not tape hiss thus resulting in a cleaner sound.

    In short, the Japanese version sounds like a “No Noise” effect compared to the Rest of The World’s better presence effect.

  7. Chuck Heisenberg says:

    Personally, I always felt illogical what Mike Carrera assured, I never saw (in Steve Hoffman’s forums) or in any other cyber place that his theory caused much noise. Great and accurate item and I’m sorry for everyone who impulsively bought the Japanese box.

  8. Brian Hunt says:

    Why do you feel sorry for people lucky enough to have Japanese version, Chuck? They have the unadulterated 1969 mix, whereas the ROW version is a mish-mash of the 1969 and 1970 mixes, albeit in slightly better sound quality. Serious collectors will want to own both versions!

    • Andreas E. says:

      I checked all the details of the article to which you refer, but came to the conclusion that the author was not right in many aspects. For example: one version, which was called a 1969 mix had a glitch at the beginning, which was removed for the 1970 mix. The mixes of the songs itself were always the same, because the Beatles did not give any advice to Johns or did not tell him that they did not like anything. Hence, the songs were mixed all in 1969 except Across The Universe and I Me Mine. In a 2021 release no one would be happy to have glitches there. They would have been removed anyway…

  9. Steve says:

    I checked the listings in the ISRC database and found to sets of tracks for the Let It Be LP For example Two Of Us GBUM72101668 and GBUM72101669
    Only the Let It Be track has one listing GBUM72101691

  10. David Fisher says:

    Hi folks! I bought the CD and vinyl boxes here in the UK and then muggins was compelled to pick up the Japanese SHM CD box from eBay as well after reading about the alternative mixes, etc. My question to anyone in the know is: Does the Japanese VINYL box also have the different Glyn Johns mixes on it? I’m assuming not (I seem to remember that the Japanese 2009 remixes were actually pressed in Europe and they just added an Obi?) which would be a relief because this whole project is making me very poor! Thanks in advance for any info x

  11. Dennis McHaney says:

    Too many “presumes” and “maybe” to make this anything more than just “authoritative” fan speculation. “Maybe” the 2020 version was better. I am not shelling out money for the Phil Spector version from any country. This is a disappointing release, and that is as kind a comment as I can make.

  12. José Luis Carrillo says:

    The Rest of the World version of the Get Back album in the Let it Be box set is no the correct one because it was whar Universal Music Group dictated for the release. Apple Corporation announced the 1969 Glyn Jihn’s mixes of the planned (in 1969) Get Bacl album, but what came in the disc were the 1970 mixes. What I, as a beatle fan want are the 1969 mixes because they are the nearest to the original concept for the album, which was one wth no polish or overdubs. Speciffically the “For You Blue” mix without the 1970 overdubs. Dor that matter, the Japan edition of the Get Back album is the correct one in spite of have been released by mistake. Rember that in 1970, the projected album was no longer names Get Back, but Let it Be, so, if Apple decided to releas the 1970

  13. TDK says:

    Sorry but this article is not answering the key questions.

    These are
    1. Is disc 4 in the Japanese release different to the ROW?
    2. Is it the original Glyn Johns release or something else?

    A long ramble explaining how Universal got to their release is interesting to some but doesn’t begin to tackle the important questions above. The wrong mix was used many times in the Beatles history but that didn’t stop the variations being of interest to certain fans. Ask yourself why is the Rarities (Capitol 1980) album of interest?

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