Homeless Bootlegzoners

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  1. Patrick Lefeuvre says:

    Thanks a lot Roger . I know some of these forums but i will take a lok more seriously . Speaking about stuff posted on BZ , you probably know “Lord Reith” ? He has created a lot of very good stuff .

    sincerely Patrick

  2. Matias says:

    Thanks for sharing Roger,… If someone knows the whereabouts of Lord Reith, Csnyfan, Masterjedi, etc, or where their stuff is shared now I will appreciate the hints. For “Love” kind of remixes and mashups I seriously recommend https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/beatlesremixers/

  3. Ruby Pepper says:

    Bootlegzone Forums was a great site.

  4. nateboy2 says:

    I miss all the great posts over at Bootlegzone

  5. Gabor Peterdi says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to keep living without the zone. Where are the others? Lord! Help us!

  6. chuckernie says:

    for the record John Lennon on Feb. 7th will have been dead for as long as he was alive!

  7. FerBeaT says:

    Yes , i have withdrawal symptoms

  8. mthomson says:

    something interesting is brewing over at beatlegdb.com…hopefully…

  9. FerBeaT says:

    Yes, i have withdrawal symptoms

  10. MrSeanRoper says:

    This was the worst possible winter to not have BZ to visit. I really miss it.

  11. Josh says:

    It is next to impossible to find the Lord Reith Abracadabra series. I would also like to try to find them.

  12. GLcompany says:

    The Solo & Beatles Photo & Video Forum is alive, free and kept up-to-date every day.

  13. Mojo says:

    Hi guys. Agree with you, I hoped BZ would be coming back to life. Was there since 2003. Here is a site where I found some BZ guys (and gals). Regrettably no Lord Reith, only had contact with him when we
    we did the first stereo stuff.


  14. Lord Reith says:

    I too was sad to see BZ disappear. It was bad timing as I had planned to share the updated BBC set over Advent. Since then I have also made some changes to Abracadabra 1-7 and completed V8. I’m looking at other boards but haven’t found one that is suitable yet. The problem of course is to get it to the people who want it before other people start trying to sell it. To bury a link somewhere would just be to hand the profiteers an enormous gift on a plate. So I will probably wait and see if BZ comes back, and if it doesn’t then I’ll consider my options then. In the meantime here is a sampler from another project I have just finished, the complete Star Club Tapes in stereo: https://tinyurl.com/zbk507vn Hope you enjoy it – it really is just like being there now! 🙂

    • 20YearsAgo says:

      LR raises valid points. My guess is that BZ is gone forever. Whatever forum/bulletin board/discord channel that eventually replaces it might take some time to gain traction. Bootleggers are going to bootleg regardless where material appears. Things that are torrented on DIME (which has a gazillion users) are booted for profit within a couple of weeks. Even if BZ returns, it too will need some time to re-attract users who’ve by now given up on it.

    • Josh says:

      It really is too bad to see profiteers take advantage of your hard work and love for the craft just to turn a dime. The work that you’ve done is amazing, I must say.

    • K_A_P68 says:

      Thank you Lord Reith, great to have something new from you and to hear from you! Hopefully we can all find a new (or old) home soon.

    • seanroper13 says:

      Nice to hear that sample. Thanks for sharing. I like the added space in the headphones.

    • Vee-Jay says:

      Hey, Lord Reith! Glad to see you’re still crankin’ them out… even during this “BZ downtime” 🙂 Thanks for the sampler share! I, too, have my fully revised set of the **PRISTINE** LPs ready to upload, but I’m waiting until tilleul gets BZ up and running again so I can share them there. I can’t even IMAGINE the amount of work he has to do to literally reprogram the site for all of us to use! I’m grateful for his efforts. Meanwhile, we must be all be patient, young Padawans…

    • 20YearsAgo says:

      I’ve been thinking more about your problem. Right now, there’s no single site/forum/blog/whatever that is capable of reaching as many Beatleg fans as BZ was was able to reach. Assuming BZ doesn’t reopen, one way to make sure your sets reach the maximum number of Beatleg fans as possible before bootleggers inevitably try to profit from your efforts is to ask your fans to share your new material as widely as possible. Have them repost it on their own forums/blogs etc… and have them ask that others do the same. Eventually, hopefully it will reach not only all the former BZers, but a whole lot of other Beatle fans too.

    • Billy Shears says:

      Hey Lord the site I told u about on bz is getting a bit closer and I’d like your input on some things if you’re able. William.Shears@beatlegdb.com

      • admin says:

        Hey, get a forum y’all! I mean, yeah, great seeing you all in this comments thread – but it only proves that you need a forum and to move this discussion over there. Or start a forum, someone. Call it Homeless Bootlegzoners 😀 Howie said that the forums I mentioned were too quiet anyway, but my reply was that gathering together some of the zoners who post frequently, and discussions will ensue. Which I guess this comments thread proves.So join a forum or start a forum and get a thread going. And tell us where it is!

    • James says:

      Would love to be able to get volume 8

    • James says:

      Hi ,
      Would love to finish off the Abracadabra series with volume 8 if possible.Could I please get a link from you?

  15. K_A_P68 says:

    Great to hear from you Lord Reith, you have been missed! Thank you for all the wonderful work and the new project, I agree, no one should be profiting from the hard work of others.

  16. Lord Reith says:

    Sorry Wogew.

    Continue the conversation here guys:


    No sign-up needed, but please don’t post any download links. It’s just a basic free bulletin board and it’ll get pulled if we violate the TOS.

    See you there!

  17. Golem says:

    I’ve made a new forum just like BTZ

  18. Darth Parrox says:

    Hopefully we all Get Back somewhere/ Boy, Got alot of sites to join! LOL.

  19. John says:

    Any word on Kenny Saxton?

  20. Tom Hoover says:

    They’re re-upping a lot of Beatles stuff in 24/48 res. and higher now: https://abbey-road-and-vine.freeforums.net/board/1/general-discussion

  21. Steve says:

    Does anyone know anything about Kenny Saxton, or have his remixes? I never got to hear his remix of Let It Be because the site crashed.

  22. Hi Everybody-I hope it’s o.k. to be posting this here. But I wish to make people aware of a new book that is arriving in September about the old original Trademark Of Quality bootleg LP label. They released a nice little chunk of Beatles bootlegs from the time period of 1969-1976. The book features details on the original bootleg LPs that were released on The Beatles that have not been detailed in the way that they are in this book. I was the guy who was the head research person for the book. I hope that you people will give it a serious look at https://tmqapigstale.com A lot of hours of hard work went into this thing. Thank You-Stephen Talia (a fan of The Beatles since 1967)

  23. Seb says:

    I wish tilleul would update his page or just say it’s not coming back or whatever.

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