New poster and trailer for Get Back documentary series

The new poster has a familiar look to it…

Yesterday, The Beatles published this new poster and Disney+ published a new trailer for the upcoming documentary series “The Beatles: Get Back”.

Paul McCartney screened a 100-minute version of the documentary for his friends recently (according to The New Yorker), wonder if that was the version originally intended for cinema screenings? Perhaps to be theatrically screened some time in the future?

The TV documentary series is three episodes, lasting two hours each. Fun things we observed in the new trailer: Their old manager and booking agent Allan Williams is visiting, he wanted to discuss an old record from Hamburg he had, of the John, Paul and  George from the Beatles with Ringo from the Hurricanes backing singer Lu Walters on Gerschwin’s “Summertime”. Shortly after having discussed the record with The Fabs, Williams lost the only copy of it. New to us also footage of Paul and Ringo examining the Apple rooftop a couple of days before the concert.

Make sure also to read the new NME interview with Giles Martin about the 2021 mix “Let It Be”, McCartney requested to lower the volume of a harp….

A comparison of footage from a “1” teaser from 2015, shows that in the new trailer, a so-called “Ricky Martin/Zak Efron” filter has been applied, see comparison below:

The upper photo is a capture from a teaser for “1”, the lower from the new trailer. A bit plasticky, don’t you think?

Giles Martin on mixing the Beatles

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  1. Dave F. says:

    Watched the new (Oct 2021) trailer on my big screen with headphones on. WOW!! Now that’s a trailer that looks and sounds great!

    It truly got me even MORE excited to see it … which is what a trailer is supposed to do.

    Thanks for your always interesting blog posts!

  2. Shad Radna says:

    The Long And Winding Road harp story is also in the current Mojo’s big piece on the project.

  3. dpannell666 says:

    What a fantastic trailer. I can’t wait.

  4. Grant Adrian Heaton says:

    Thank you! You’re the first to mention the strange filter they’ve applied. i DO think it looks plasticky. Photoshopped, in fact. Like they’ve removed all the skin blemishes. Is this a part of the “Disneyfication” of the Beatles we were worried about?

  5. Tom says:

    Fingers crossed that the awful noise removal they used for this trailer isn’t in the actual series, it made me question whether I had ingested a small dose of acid.
    My guess is Disney thinking that in 2021 people can’t appreciate the grain of 60s film…

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