New release of the Budokan concerts

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  1. Reed says:

    The Pre-order link from Townsend Music is not operational at this time.

  2. Bryan Smathers says:

    Just wondering if u can get a vinyl LP copy in the USA here

  3. darkpain69 says:

    You shouldn’t advertise such illegal things

    • admin says:

      Technically, they are legal. And if Apple Corps and Universal Music cared about these matters, they would have taken action against the companies responsible for these products. They let the European copyrights slip out of their hands, and now this and other products are the consequences.

  4. rick says:

    When and where will we be able to purchase it and for how much money?

  5. Duke_Viking says:

    Per my inquiry if this is available to the US market via their Instagram page:

    Hi, this release is not available in the US through our supplier, sorry.

  6. Ian says:

    Townsend will not ship this product to Australia.

  7. Illex says:

    All that matters is if they’re sourced from master copies, otherwise you’re just buying the packaging.

  8. Johnno says:

    Just saw this now. I can’t believe they’re selling such a beautiful box set for £25, and the photos of the set says there are white vinyl LPs too. Neil Young has a similar set of his 1991 Catalyst show (LP, CD, and DVD, maybe a BVD underwear too!) for $99.98 and NO book. His online store is called the Greedy Hand. and it is……

    Actually, I (and some of your readers too) really liked the TMOQ cd/dvds, they were the best I remember, altho I haven’t probably A/B’d all the copies i’ve had. Gosharootie, imagine if Apple put out something that nice they haven’t put out a thousand times before……. :^(

  9. Nico says:

    For the 2nd time the release date of Beatles In Tokyo Vinyl has been changed, first time to 2021-04-30 and now to 2021-07-30.

  10. Alfredo Roccia says:

    I got my copy today but didn’t go through the whole little box set. I just tried the DVD on my laptop to check the quality: I’m having issues with it, even using different softwares. The video doesn’t appear and I can’t get to the menu. However, I managed to open the single Video tracks inside, and picked up the black suit concert: I guess that’s still the VHS quality, but I don’t think one could expect a restoration in 2K.

    Btw, if anyone knows how I can solve that DVD issue, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

  11. Nick says:

    I have it and the quality stinks

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