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Furore no. 28 is another Beatles special.

Piet Schreuders has issued another Beatles special of his (nearly annual) Furore magazine. In the new issue, we are delighted to inform that one of our own articles has been put to print, the one about Beatles autopen autographs.

The bulk of the magazine is the interview with Maureen O’Grady, teen reporter from Boyfriend magazine, chronicling the rise of pop magazines in the British press in 1963, aided by O’Grady’s memories, diary and other memorabilia from her archives, including photos (some unseen) and clippings. Sadly, the autor of the piece, Andre Barreau, succumbed to cancer before his work, two years in the making, was printed. Mark Lewisohn has contributed a eulogy on Barreau.

Mark Ashworth of the “There are Places I Remember – The Beatles’ Liverpool Locations blog, writes about his efforts to date a particular Beatles photo.

“Abbey Road Trivia” – a subject close to our heart, is presented by Greg Armstrong and is all about the stamped dots visible on the wall depicted on the Abbey Road LP back cover. A fascinating story untangled by the chance meeting with a cab driver. The piece is accompanied by Laurie Gay Linvill’s incredible 1970 photos of the same wall.

Editor Piet Schreuders adds another Beatles historian profession to his resumé as “cartographer”, revisiting the “Beatles ashram” in Rishikesh, reconstructing what was where at the location.

Another piece by the late Andre Barreau revisits the location of Fiona Adams’ famous “Twist and Shout” photo with two more photos of the area from the olden days.

Furore #28 can be ordered from FuroreMagazine.com


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  2. Fokke Zwaan says:

    I received my copy today. The Furore magazine is ALWAYS a pleasure to read. And from time to time Piet Schreuders does a beatles-themed-issue, they are wonderful. Truly recommended!

  3. 4D Man says:

    FURORE has the best magazine layout in the world. New issue #28 is superb.

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