The 100 minute cinema preview

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  1. rickRick says:

    But for most of the world we would have to watch this on our small TV screens at home and not on the big screen in a movie theater. “Thanks” alot Disney. And if it comes out on DVD how much will you charge for it $100?

  2. Alfredo Roccia says:

    Great! Do you think the technical parts with Jackson will be also shown in the series?

  3. Eddie77 says:

    After the initial three streaming days will the episodes remain on the Disney+ platform to be streamed at will?

  4. PaulD says:

    Hi All. I’ve just signed up to Disney+ and after entering my payment details the screen locked up for about 35 minutes before eventually confirmimg my subscription so if you’re trying to do the same, be patient!

  5. Eddie77 says:

    Will it be available on Disney+ after this weekend?

  6. kozmo says:

    It’s just a shame for those of us without the technical or financial means to stream or subscribe. I can only hope a thought will be spared for the non-elite fans who would gladly buy a home video DVD.

    • David Y says:

      Disney+ is $7.99 per month. Hardly elitist. It will surely be available for sale on physical media soon, for much more.

  7. Wonderful report. Thanks for posting!

  8. Fr says:

    I only paid 8€99 for a one month subcription 25th November 2021 until 24th december. Really cheap.

  9. Phil Taylor says:

    I just watched part 1 here in Australia. Absolutely brilliant!!!

  10. Mr Marks says:

    I got a special £1.99 offer for the first month a couple of weeks ago, dunno if it’ll still be available.

  11. Patsounds The Netherlands. says:

    Depressingly good, the first part of the documentary Get Back. Great picture and sound, but it is not feasible to make music in the early morning. That’s when The Beatles usually went to bed. They recorded their records in the evening/night/early morning.
    It’s like you’re in the studio with these four friends. More than a fly on the wall. Part one ends with a cliffhanger. All in all, it was not really a pleasant gathering in that chilly studio. Rather a depressing experience. For me it’s really not more, more, more Beatles. Please no. Curious about part 2 and 3. Because I think it’s getting better….;-)

    Patsounds, The Netherlands

  12. Dirk McQuickly says:

    I stole it!

  13. Stephane Roy says:

    This is good astuff and good collectible have a look at this

    To commemorate the anniversary of the iconic LET IT BE roof top recording session and upcoming release of the new Beatle film Get Back
    directed by Peter Jackson, LETITBE1969.COM in conjunction with Alan Parsons will be signing a limited edition 1,969 vinyl copies of the iconic album. The new vinyl comes framed and signed by legendary producer Alan Parsons. The 20 year old Parsons was present during the 42 minute roof top set and was put in charge of transferring the master tapes unto two eight track recorders.

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