For you blue – variation

This SHM disc from Japan contains a 1969 mix of One After 909

It was reported yesterday that the Japanese SHM edition of Let it Be 50th includes the correct 1969 Glyn Johns mix for the song “For You Blue.”

Having listened to the track, we can conclude that it is not the same EMI master multi-track tape.
The now exclusive track on the SHM Deluxe Japan Edition has the same ‘hiss’ sound throughout the track, with the correct 1969 mix.
The track in the Deluxe Edition available for the rest of the world has an edit at 00:15 where the sound changes drastically and another source is inserted, so they did not use the same multi-track tape and chose by mistake the wrong vocal track, but two different sources were used to edit it.

In SoMe, Chip Madinger/Lennonology infers that in the review we published last week at The Daily Beatle, it says that Apple used several songs from a bootleg as its source, when in reality, the review merely says that two tracks coincidentally use the same wrong mixes from 1970 instead of 1969 just like in the Dr. Ebbets bootleg, and a similar wrong edit for ‘For You Blue’ at 15 seconds and that Apple may have relied on the bootleg. To clarify, they may have used the bootleg to determine the correct mixes when they made their own version, using their own sources.

In an interview with Superdeluxeedition, Giles Martin said that it was Glyn Johns himself who remastered his own Get Back compilation for the new set, whereas over at Universal Music, the credits look like this (examplified by One After 909):

One After 909 – 1969 Glyn Johns Mix 0:03:07
Artist: The Beatles
Work Title: One After 909
Written by John Lennon
Written by Paul McCartney
Published By: Sony Tunes (ASCAP)
Vocal: John Lennon
Rhythm Electric Guitar: John Lennon
Vocal: Paul McCartney
Bass Guitar: Paul McCartney
Lead Electric Guitar: George Harrison
Drums: Ringo Starr
Electric Piano: Billy Preston
Original Recording Session Produced by The Beatles and George Martin
Engineered and Mixed by Glyn Johns
Stereo Mastering Engineer: Miles Showell (2021)

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  1. ruedabeat says:

    Giles singing “Not Guilty”.

  2. James Lefante says:

    The Glynn Johns Tapes in both box sets are from the Stereo Masters…not new remixes

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