Barry Wom has had enough

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  1. Titenhurst says:

  2. Popper says:

    Is his music publishing firm call Wombling Music?

  3. James Percival says:

    Saw him at the Stables (Milton Keynes) on Wednesday. What a great show. If you are considering seeing them, do it! I was surprised to see a few empty seats in a 400 capacity venue.

    I was a fan of the Rutles from the first British TV broadcast in 1978. They covered virtually all of the two albums plus All Things Must Pass and Handle With Care.
    Ken Thornton the guitarist is outstanding. Barry (aka John Halsey) was on top form, but a sign the passing years that he uses a walking stick and seems to have a few mobility problems.

  4. Martin says:

    John's a great musician. Both Patto and Timebox were great…

  5. James Percival says:

    Just remembered that I downloaded a great interview with John from 1992. It's still available from the Patto / Ollie Halsall website:

    Anyway, the gist of it is that his limp was caused by a really bad car accident and so not due to age. Apologies for getting that wrong.

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  7. James Peet says:

    I don't know if it's widely known, but John "Barry" Halsey played drums on Lou Reed's "Transformer" album from the mid-70s.

    At first, and mistakenly, I thought the Rutles was an anti-Beatles thing. Seeing George in it didn't help, as he was all for pricking the Beatles bubble at that point. Finally, I got it and felt quite attached to it, and remain so..

  8. James Percival says:

    I've always loved satire (Spinal Tap might well be my all time favourite film) so possibly I am not the best judge. When I first watched the Rutles in spring 1978 when I was 15, I had only just started collecting Beatles albums and had yet to read any books on the fabs, so curiously enough I actually learned some of the mythology from it. I remember not recognizing George which seems astonishing to me now. Even now, I think of Nasty's comment 'that's the sort of thing people say', when I think of the Beatles' relationship with Liverpool once they moved to Liverpool.
    It was part affectionate, part cynical. The interviews with Jagger and Simon allowed them both to make a few digs while ostensibly getting the joke. In that respect, Jagger is quite skilful; he clearly 'got it', and so when he slags of the Rutles he's telling us what he really thinks, or would like you to think that's what he thinks, about the Beatles. But some bits are pure gold; Arthur Sultan, the Surrey mystic, is genius…

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