Beatles-backed radio channel

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  1. CCRider says:

    The Fab Fourum. Really.

  2. wogew says:

    Oh, they've been operating for years.

  3. CCRider says:

    But that's why I made the comment. They don't mention the name of any of these guys. I thought it was someone else using the same name.

  4. dps says:

    They will screw this up. The limited "McCartney Radio" was terrible. Here's the kiss of death: "…a curated mix of music tailored to a wide range of Beatles fans." Who will be listening to this station regularly except die-hards? Guarantee every time I tune in "She Loves You" will be blaring.

  5. wogew says:

    CCRider: Sorry, I thought they were the same. I have now researched and the real Fab Fourum are aware of the situation and are taking the necessary steps as it is their legal corporation.

  6. CrackinThunder says:

    There are so many good cuts from the Fabs after they split that many Beatle fans never heard before. I hope they dig deep in the post Beatle catalog. If they never play Lennon's "Going Down on Love" or Harrison's "Someplace Else" or "Your Love Is Forever", I will know they have failed.

  7. James Peet says:

    The next phase in the Americanisation of the Beatles. I wonder if, in a few decades' time whether the fact they were from Liverpool, England will be airbrushed from their history.

    Oh well, it's the future. Providing Trump doesn't take that away from us.

  8. Brian Fried says:

    Sirius is plugging this like mad. I've heard quick promos on multiple channels — including ones where The Beatles would not be played normally (like First Wave).

    What bothered me is that they claim it's the first channel in the world for The Beatles. There are Internet radio channels that do this already!

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