Lennon and McCartney in October

Rehearsals for the One to One concerts

Yesterday, the official John Lennon accounts on Facebook and Instagram published the above photo from the One to One rehearsal. The caption went:

Which one would you like to have heard?

On this day 20 Aug 1972 – At the Fillmore East at 105 2nd Ave & E6th St, NYC, John & Yoko and Elephants Memory rehearsed a series of songs for the upcoming ONE TO ONE Concert at Madison Square Garden:

Cold Turkey

Give Peace A Chance

Come Together

Well Well Well


New York City

Instant Karma

It’s So Hard

O Sisters O Sisters

Woman Is The Nigger Of The World

Don’t Worry Kyoko

It’s Only Make Believe

Open Your Box

We’re All Water


Move On Fast

Roll Over Beethoven

Unchained Melody

New York City

Long Tall Sally

Hound Dog

Mind Train

Back Off Boogaloo

Bunny Hop

The posting has further boosted the rumour mill about an upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of the recently revised film and audio recordings from these concert. At the request of Yoko, Jack Douglas has been working on these recording for some time now, as technology has finally caught up with how poorly this was recorded. Footage earlier deemed unusable for the 1985 video cassette/laser disc releases has now been improved enough by new techniques to be slated for inclusion.

If the photo really is a teaser for an upcoming release, it’s likely that the release date will be on or around October 9, when Lennon would have celebrated his 75th birthday.

Live Peace in Toronto 2015

And just a few hours ago, Paul McCartney’s website and Facebook account announced the first published date of Sir Paul’s autumn tour, with a date in Toronto, Canada – October 17th.

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  1. DukeViking says:

    What a treat if we get the One to One rehearsals + the One to One Shows (afternoon and evening) on CD & Blu-Ray.

    This pretty much completes the one remaining release from the Lennon camp. (The Mike Douglas shows would be nice too on Blu-Ray).

  2. Steven says:

    I hope they release the rehearsal of Working Class Hero

  3. Maia says:

    @Steven – Glad you mentioned that song. I've posted it here: youtube.com/watch?v=GsqgMyxfZVU

  4. Alan Madej says:

    Also need Menlove Ave. Rock and Roll People, Since My Baby Left Me, To Know Her Is To Love Her and all of side two Walls and Bridges practice takes are still not remastered from the 1986 cd. The one's i left off the list, Here We Go Again and Angel Baby came out remastered in 2010 i believe.

  5. Unknown says:

    Have to believe something is coming in the fall from Lennon. I know the vinyl could be the big item for this 75th birthday celebration, but there has always been something in October. We shall see.

  6. Unknown says:

    I was wondering if the vinyl release classed as this year's project but like you said yoko has always done something for his actual birthday.

  7. Unknown says:

    I doubt anything is coming by early October because there would have surely been an announcement by now. I think the vinyl was the big package apparently, and perhaps there has been a change in philosophy about releasing something just for John's birthday. Maybe the vinyl set came out in June for Father's Day?

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