Lost McCartney demo for Cilla Black found

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  1. James Percival says:

    Is anyone else excited by this? I have long thought that It's For You is one of the best McCartney songs given to other artists, and certainly one of his strongest early songs. I really like the jazz tinged Cilla Black version, but for my money this song would have been a great addition to the Hard Day's Night album. But how will it be released? Surely this is the time to consider an expanded and remastered set of Anthology albums to include new gems like this find.

  2. Kevin Skory says:

    This is a fantastic find! I'm more excited by this than the Hollywood Bowl news. Along with Woman, I've always thought It's For You was the strongest song The Beatles gave away.

  3. Andrew says:

    This article just came up in the “You may also like” at the bottom of an article. Has there been any more information on this, who bought the disc or bits being released? I hope we all get to hear it one day!

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