Lost “TOTP” footage in better quality

Last June, we told you about a newly found film of The Beatles’ first ever “Top Of The Pops” appearance.

Taped 19 March 1964 for insertion into the 25 March edition, a good portion of “Can’t Buy Me Love” and a snippet (at the very end) “You Can’t Do That” (version 2) are on the film. The person who originally filmed it simply pointed an 8mm home movie camera at his/her television set on March 25, 1964 – unknowingly saving the contents for posterity, as the BBC proceeded to wipe the recording.

At a boot fair on June 7, a guy found this film, along with a projector and lots of other old films from the 1960’s. His mother filmed part of The Beatles’ footage with her mobile phone and uploaded it to YouTube. Now, the son has captured the film using a DIY telecine method and he feels it looks good for 405 line footage captured from a 8mm camera. The film is now watermarked, as the uploader owns the original 8mm film, and probably may want to sell it, if the price is right. Here’s the new capture:

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    *ywn* Pity those who value his kind of pointless stuff.

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    "this kind", even.

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