McCartney’s Archival project news

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many collaborations that I didn't knew: Johnny Cash, but also Stewart Copeland!
    Well, there's a big missing: the McCartneys sessions with Stevie Wonder in Lennon's house, back in 1974. Who's got the rights?


    Thank you for keeping us up to date with developments on the archival set. Just when you think you have a handle on what McCartney has in the archives something new arrives to wet the tastebuds. The only thing what strikes me on the first three discs is no songs from the Russian Album sessions?

  3. emixdub says:

    Thank yo for the update !

  4. Unknown says:

    There is nothing officially released, you are kind of acting like you know all the stuff. But I won't believe your posting about all these so called great new cd's mpl did not post any news about this and it is MPL or more correctly who does the offical news.

    Sorry to interrupt your party.
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  5. wogew says:

    Of course there's nothing official. That's way too early for a fall 2010 release. By the way, whenever there's a McCartney news item, have you ever heard it first on his official web page? They are always the last website to post news about McCartney, and that's because they have restrictions. They can't write anything until everything is 100% cleared. As a free enterprise, I'm also writing news that are still on the rumour stage of the process.

  6. Professor Benjamin Levi Marks says:

    The Henry McCullough Wings was always my favorite. Red Rose Speedway Wings was perfect.

    Been out of commission for two months on the final leg of a four year, exhausting 24/7 career adventure (to hell and back).

    That ended this week. Just came back in from a funeral service held in my back yard for favored neighborhood pet who was communally owned. Snow White – a petite female cat. She was hit by a car and crawled into my estate to die. She loved my garden – filled with birds and flowers and will now rest there for eternity. Memories of the passing of MJ will always be tied to our little feline friend for me.

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