More coloured vinyl for Christmas

A box with the Fan club Christmas singles due from the Beatles – But it’s hardly a gift!

This leaked yesterday – a new Beatles release is imminent: A boxed set of the seven Christmas singles on coloured vinyl, with a booklet. Limited edition, which probably means they have figured out exactly how many Beatles fans will want and can afford this, and that’s the amount they have manufactured. Also in the cards: a new picture disc version of the Sgt. Pepper album. To be announced officially shortly.

The Christmas Records [limited edition box set: seven 7” colored vinyl singles]

1963: “The Beatles’ Christmas Record”

(one-sided, 5:00 TRT)

Recorded: 17 October 1963 – Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1964: “Another Beatles Christmas Record”

(one-sided, 3:58 TRT)

Recorded: 26 October 1964 – Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1965: “The Beatles’ Third Christmas Record”

(one-sided, 6:20 TRT)

Recorded: 8 November 1965 – Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1966: “Pantomime – Everywhere It’s Christmas: The Beatles’ Fourth Christmas Record”

(one-sided, 6:36 TRT)

Recorded: 25 November 1966 – Dick James Music, New Oxford Street, London

1967: “Christmas Time (Is Here Again): The Beatles’ Fifth Christmas Record”

(one-sided, 6:06 TRT)

Recorded: 28 November 1967 – Studio Three, EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

1968: “The Beatles’ Sixth Christmas Record”

(two-sided, 7:48 TRT)

Recorded: 1968, various locations

1969: “The Beatles’ Seventh Christmas Record”

(two-sided, 7:39 TRT)

Recorded: 1969, various locations

The seven Beatles Christmas singles were originally flexi discs sent to members of the official fan clubs in a few countries. In the UK and USA, an LP collected the singles, and this LP was also sent out for free to fan club members only. This will mark the first occasion when non-members of the Beatles fan club can buy these Christmas messages, songs and sketches.

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  1. Tony says:

    It's about time! Well, this has always been a Christmas time favourite of mine. I first got it on a red vinyl bootleg, TMOQ label, in 1972. I was blown away by the recordings – NEW Beatles! (for me, at least!). Since then, I've got it on various CDs and downloads, as well as outtakes from 1964 and 1965. While I would love to have these coloured vinyl versions in that lovely box-set – can I really justify spending £66 on something I already have?…. I think we know the answer!!

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