New Lennon film in pre-production

Ice bucket challenge, 1965.

The BBC reports that a new film has gone into pre-production in New York looking at the events that took place on the night that John Lennon was shot and killed outside his Manhattan home in December 1980.

The Lennon Report” looks at the focus on the efforts of first responders at the site of the shooting – and at the Roosevelt hospital where Lennon was taken.

I must confess that I find this focus on that senseless murder depressing. I can barely watch these films. I stayed away from that 2008 “Chapter 27” film.

There are lots of stories to tell about the adventurous life of John Lennon. Give me a “Lost weekend” film any day. May Pang is currently rewriting her “Loving John” book, because the editors removed so much from her original manuscript. A dramatisation of John Lennon’s interaction with Phil Spector and the rock’n’roll gang in Los Angeles, including a visit from the McCartneys would be something I’d like to watch.

Or how about his retreat from the public eye following the “Rock’n’ Roll” album, his house-husband days leading up to his Bermuda adventure?

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3 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    I agree Roger, there is nothing new to learn about that night when so much of his last 7 years or so is a treasure trove of information.

  2. Vincent Truman says:

    Dreadful idea for a film. I'd rather see a 'John Lennon: Zombie Hunter' film than this.

  3. piper909 says:

    I respectfully disagree. There are a lot of untold stories about these horrible events and too few authoritative investigative efforts. Ignoring these events, while there are still living witnesses and firsthand documentation available, would be a disservice to history. JFK had William Manchester's magisterial "The Death of a President" — JWOL deserves no less an effort.

    And I note that we have had a couple of "Lost Years" books already, by Fred Seaman ("The Last Days of John Lennon") and John Greene (? "Dakota Days"), neither of which is very trustworthy or informative.

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