New tour for Sir Paul

The new tour is called “One On One”.

Paul McCartney has announced the start of a new tour, which means that “Out There” is behind us, and the new tour is called “One On One”.

Some of the dates and venues have also been announced. They are:


13th April: SaveMart Arena – Fresno, CA

15th April: Moda Center – Portland, OR

17th April: Key Arena – Seattle, WA

19th April: Rogers Arena – Vancouver, BC

20th April: Rogers Arena – Vancouver, BC

30th April: Verizon Arena – Little Rock, AR

02nd May: Denny Sanford Premier Center – Sioux Falls, SD


28th May: Esprit Arena – Dusseldorf

10th June: Olympic Stadium – Munich

14th June: Waldbuhne – Berlin

Pre-sale tickets go on sale today. You will probably not notice so much of a difference in the set lists, the new tour name just means a redesigned stage, tour memorabilia and other, non-musical differences. The band is the same one he has been touring with for 14 years.

Live Nation in Spain also recently tweeted this photo, which probably means that a concert in Madrid is in the works.

Tweeted by Live Nation, Spain.

Further dates and venues are expected to be announced as deals and contracts are finalised.

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  1. Elliott Marx says:

    I am intrigued by the One on One Tour name. Does it mean anything at all? Also, why is the promotional artwork a picture of Paul singing without an instrument? It is very rare for him to stand on stage and grip a microphone as he does in the photograph.

  2. Vincent Truman says:

    Whenever there's a "new" tour announcement, my inner fanboy hopes the shows will run closer to the Wings Over America shows – meaning, Macca hits and deep tracks with a little window for Beatles bits. A show with "Temporary Secretary", "Angry", "Big Barn Bed", "Helen Wheels", "Spin It On", "Appreciate", "Oo You", "Shallow Grave", "What's That You're Doing", "Cafe on the Left Bank", "My Carnival", etc. would have me at every show I could get to. Another retread of "Blackbird" and "Get Back" or borrowing of Lennon's Beatle songs (I am so afraid he'll take on "I Am The Walrus" or "Come Together"), I could do without. His call, of course, but I prefer Paul the Artist instead of Paul fronting his own tribute band.

  3. Muddy says:

    All floor tickets in Seattle only $550. 5% discount possible with the secret code. I'm glad they don't sell tickets for the same price as an LP, like they did in the 60s. They'd let anyone, music fans, anyone really, into a show. Fortunately, those bad all days are long gone.

  4. 42N says:

    Perhaps he will add the gem "Best Friend" to the song list. It exists from the earliest Wings concerts in Europe. A truly outstanding song.

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