Patti Boyd in Norway

This image of George walking in the snow was selected as the main photo for the exhibition

A couple of weeks ago, Patti Boyd visited Norway for the first time, to open an exhibition of her photos and some memorabilia from her collection, at the Rockheim museum in my birth town of Trondheim. I went there, had a few words with her and a couple of autographs before enjoying the exhibition. Here’s a few photos, not of her pictures but of some of the sixties dresses and outfits she had brought along to exhibit. Some of these are from the Apple boutique and some were designed by Marijke of The Fool.

In an interview, Patti explained that the outfits are a bit small these days…

My conversation with Patti was rather uneventful and fruitless, because we didn’t really connect as people. However, a friend of mine managed to ask her about the song “Bye Bye Love” from George Harrison’s Dark Horse album: Was she and Eric Clapton involved in the recording? Patti confirmed to him that they had indeed added some percussion to the track.

The exhibition runs until 31. August.

Website: Rockheim

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  1. Sara S. says:

    I just found some photos of Jenny and Pattie both wearing the green striped dress. So neat! (I saw them on display in 2008)

  2. SWEET JANE says:

    Fantastic photographs! It's great to know that she has kept these outfits from the 60s..even if they don't fit anymore! The exhibition is too far away from me to see them for myself, so thanks for posting, it's much appreciated!

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