Product images of Egypt Station

This colour edition is a Barnes & Noble exclusive

Product images of Paul McCartney’s new album, “Egypt Station” is starting to appear. Some from the record company, some from Macca’s website, but the more interesting ones on various online record stores. A track list (pun intended?) has not been published yet.

Still, confirmed er.. tracks so far are:

Opening Station (instrumental)

I Don’t Know

Come On To Me

Hand In Hand

Despite Repeated Warnings

Happy With You

Fuh You


Back In Brazil

People Want Peace

Who Cares

Hunt You Down

Station II (instrumental)

Rumoured tracks – yet unconfirmed:

Waking Up Fast

Dominoes (Light That Way)

Do It Now

The Church We Never Went

Caesar Rock

Night Party

Old Bridges



Double LP edition with a tri-fold cover

The above is a double LP with an exclusive “concertina” trifold cover. From this image, several of the song titles are on display:

Zooming in displays several song titles.

On an enlarged image of the above one, you can also read the full lyrics for one song:

Happy With You

I sat round all day

I used to get stoned

I liked to get wasted

But these days I don‘t

I got lots of good thing: to do, oh yeah

l walked around angry

i used to Feel bad

But nowadays my days

don ‘t have to be sad

‘cos: I’m happy, with you

I got lots of good thing: to do, oh yeah

Like, hear the high clear robin sing

Walk a bluebell carpet

Watch the children playing games

Catch a moon and drop it

Hear the gentle mantle roll

On a Frosty morning

See the migthy Ocean break

Like a sailor Warning

l used to drink so much

Forget To come ome

I lied to my doctir

But these days I don’t

‘cos: I’m happy, with you

I got lots of good thing: to do, oh yeah

Throw a pooketful of coins in the Trevi tountain

See an ice cold running stream

Rushing down the mountain

Hear a new born baby lamb

Calling tor its mother

loving one another

I sat round all day

I used to get stoned

I liked to get wasted

But these days I don‘t

I got lots of good thing: to do, oh yeah

Then there’s this image, with two LPs sticking out from the cover.
And this one, with one vinyl disc. HMV Japan described this version yesterday,

and the album sleeve is just double, not trifold.

Apart from the Barnes & Noble exclusive red colour 2LP edition depicted first in this blog post, there’s also another colour variation announced but not described, so we don’t know which colour it might be. Here’s how it’s presented:

But what’s the colour?

Update: Paul McCartney has posted this image, which may or may not refer to the above edition:

In the description, this blue and orange vinyl edition is supposedly exclusive to Paul McCartney’s online store (and only available in the USA, as well), whereas the nondescript colour edition above it is available from other stores as well.

 And then there is this Target exclusive, with two extra songs.

Target got themselves another exclusive.
+ 2 extra songs on this CD edition.

In the United Kingdom, the Target version with 2 extra songs is known as the HMV version:

From HMV comes a version with 2 bonus tracks and no, they don’t ship it abroad.

Delivery to the UK only, which means you will have to look for it on ebay, where there are plenty of sellers who profit on this quite unnecessary policy by the record company store.

There’s a rumour that elsewhere in Europe, this CD with 2 bonus tracks will be available from indie record stores, and not from web shops.

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  1. piper909 says:

    Yow! Those are some pretty duff lyrics there, Sir P! Hopefully not representative of the entire LP!

  2. Shade says:

    really reminds me of the cover for "Gone Troppo"

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Edward R says:

    Why can’t we have one album release with all the tracks. Why not. All this special bonus tracks on Target garbage does my head in. Is there a Target in the UK. And to think The Beatles used to hate capitol playing around with the tracklisting of their UK album releases.

  5. Unknown says:

    3 of each vinyl version please . 1 to play 1 to keep 1 to maybe sell sometime.

  6. Unknown says:

    Album reviewed in September's Record Collector – only 3 stars!

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