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Ringos Time Takes Time album

Okay, so this happened while we were away: July 1, Ringo Starr’s album “Time Takes Time” was rereleased in a new edition on green translucent vinyl in a gatefold cover as a limited edition. They still have some copies over at Time Takes Time was Ringo’s tenth studio album, originally released back in 1992 to great reviews. It was a comeback for Ringo, he hadn’t been heard from on an album since “Old Wave” in 1983. “Time Takes Time” came out after Ringo had successfully freed himself from alcohol and had been on the road with his first All-Starr Band. As usual, Ringo brought along some famous guests on his album, on “Time Takes Time” are names like Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson and Jeff Lynne. After the release, he toured again with another All Starr Band lineup, and I was able to see him live for the first time in Gothenburg – where I also secured his autograph!

The Beatles and World War II

Another thing that became available for pre-order is Tony Palmer’s reedited version of All This and World War II, which we wrote about earlier. The new edition is titled “The Beatles and World War II” and is available both in USA and Europe. Amazon in the UK has it on 2CD+DVD, so if we do get that one, we will have three CD editions of the album, as well as the old vinyl one. To be released July 29 in Europe.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand is out in Europe.

Another good thing that happened while we weren’t watching, was the first ever region 2 release of Robert Zemeckis’ excellent “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” film. I got it at great expense when I was in New York in 2005, but now it’s out a lot cheaper on Blu-ray and DVD here in Europe as well. Of course, I had it on a bootleg VHS cassette since around 1982, but it’s well worth the admission fee to get the new one.

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  1. Martin says:

    I wish they would issue 'All This And World War II' with the actual Beatles songs instead of the covers…

  2. Unknown says:

    Who is holding up releasing "The Birth of the Beatles" film, 1979 Dick Clark production. This would tie in nicely with the live film.

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