Review of the new HMC bootleg DVD of Let It Be

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  1. Unknown says:

    Can you please post some screenshots? Thanks in advance

  2. David Brailsford says:

    Thanks for this. VERY helpful.

  3. Westfield says:

    I watched this and while better than most releases it still is lacking to what I would expect from a DVD or Blu-Ray.

    Incidentally I also ran across a series of audio tracks called One Minus One which were remixes from someone called Lord Reith. For me these were amazing. The best thing released since the Rockband MOOG tracks. To be able to hear both vocal tracks of In My Life or Nowhere Man is priceless. These are beyond fantastic. I hope you look more into these and maybe write a review.

  4. uburoibob says:

    Can you share where you ran into the One Minus One remixes? I'd love to hear them!


  5. phil overture says:


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