The Cavern Club – The Beat Goes On …

Also available on DVD from the Cavern Club shop.

Presented by Paul McGann, The Cavern Club and LA Factual have come together to produce ‘The Cavern Club: The Beat Goes On’, a unique documentary feature, telling the untold, complete and colourful story of the ‘greatest club in the world’.

Founded in 1957 by young jazz aficionado – Alan Sytner, who sought to recreate the headiness of his beloved jazz clubs in Paris. Famous for being the place where The Beatles played 292 times, the club survived two closures and was tragically demolished, only to be rebuilt brick-by-brick. After many highs and lows, the club is back to its former glory, hosting artists like Jessie J, The Arctic Monkeys and Adele.

Written by Bill Heckle, Directed and Produced by Christian Francis-Davies & Co-directed by Jon Keats, this documentary will be televised in Great Britain on 10.00pm this Saturday night on Sky Arts.

For the geographically challenged, the film is also available to purchase on DVD from the Cavern Club store.

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  1. 216bruce says:

    Do you know if the dvd is region free or only playable in the UK region?

  2. Mark McKendrick says:

    TV airing not only irrelevent for the 'geographically challenged' but also for those who refuse to line the pockets of the satanic Rupert Murdoch. DVD it is.

  3. ashwom says:

    So what should Roger do, not mention it for the benefit of those who can, and DO want to watch it? Your comment is disingenuous.

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