Trailer for Eight Days A Week

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  1. Mikko Suhonen says:

    It says "worldwide". Have you heard anywhere what that does mean, so far we've only heard about screenings in the US and UK. Any ScandinavIan screenings coming…?

  2. David Rodríguez says:

    The Spain version of the new trailer is in YouTube too, and it seems to be that we will have the Shea concert in cinemas all days after the film, not only september 15th!

  3. wogew says:

    I know it's being shown in Denmark, Mikko – not sure about the other countries, but I believe they will follow suit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i can't believe they filmed the entire performance of sounds incorporated but not the beatles entire performance at shea.and with 14 cameras used this is even more a think someone would have said hey we will run out of film for the beatles if we keep filming the supporting acts.what a waste.

  5. Gabor Peterdi says:

    I hope they put out Eight Days a Week with SHEA on Blu-ray. Otherwise Ill be the first to buy a camcoder copy from one of the 4K screenings. We've waited decades for this concert to watch in glorious quality. The Anthology was a taster TWENTY YEARS ago. We want the whole thing NOW. My eyes and ears are getting old dudes…

  6. Tony says:

    What on earth – the Spanish trailer has the film showing for a week in Spain, as opposed to one solitary day in the UK!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    yeah another crime is this is only being shown one should be shown at least a week or 2.

  8. Unknown says:

    Remember Bridget Jones's Baby is on the screen from september 16. It's too an Universal Film. I believe it sells tickets 1000 times Eight days a week. So Universal Film is much bigger than Universal Records (Beatles). Size is the power also within Universal.

  9. Shad Radna says:

    In summary then: everything about this film is rubbish; and we demand it be shown in cinemas everywhere for at least a couple of weeks.

  10. Martin says:

    The colourisation of the footage is awful…. It worked for 'All You Need Is Love' (and was done better) but why bother making all this B/W footage colour? The 'Big Night Out' footage looks amateurish and John's hair colour isn't even right (his hair wasn't that dark)… The 'Four Elvis Presleys'clip also looks bad too, with the boys looking almost anaemic…Good colourisation can be done (The 'All You Need Is Love' clip, Doctor Who's 'Planet Of The Daleks', but this isn't it…

  11. Unknown says:

    LOL Shad. Great summary of a few of these recent threads. 🙂

  12. Martin says:

    At least this film has been made and is coming out though… How different it could have been if Paul hadn't fought and Klein did get a hold of the Beatles legacy… There isn't going to be anything similar to this about the Rolling Stones any time soon (if ever)… So, nice one, Macca…

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