Tug / Pipes press release and commentary

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  1. LetEmOut says:

    Tug Of War (Remixed for 2015) is already available for download 🙂 (see Amazon or iTunes)

  2. Geert says:

    I've heard it mentioned that Tug Of War gets remixed because the original, while recorded analogue, was already mixed digitally. The old 'ADD'. Back in 1982, the standard of digital mixing was, apparently, still low – too low to be acceptable for modern standards (especially if you want to sell Hi-Res audio). So in that sense, remixing was necessary.
    Ilistened to the audio of the videos, and to my surprise it was the Pipes Of peace songs that sounded more noticeably different than the Tug of War ones. But they all sounded good!

  3. LetEmOut says:

    The new mix of 'Tug Of War' features extra vocal harmonies (starting at 1:00 in) and a rich remix.
    Very nice. I can't wait to get my hands on the whole album.

  4. wogew says:

    Meanwhile, "Tug of War" has gone missing from Spotify, while "Pipes of Peace" still is there.

  5. Mark says:

    Roger, I'm hearing rumors that Paul actually hand signed the 5 cards in the 1000 edition Deluxe Slipcase version. Have you heard this??

  6. LetEmOut says:

    And so the rumours begin…
    I've ordered the Super Deluxe set, but I'd be very surprised if Paul has hand numbered 5000 cards (they are numbered, not signed).

  7. Nicki says:

    Few things –
    1 – The Super Deluxe Tug set seems to be sold out. I wonder if future Super Deluxes will be less limited?
    2 – To my mind, if you want outtakes etc, we all know where to find them. A few years ago, I would have had the completist urge to have everything 'officially' in one place, but now it seems unnecessary. While it would be nice for Paul to release more, if you really want to hear them, you can, and well before October too.
    3 – What these sets have excelled at (to me at least) is the packaging and photography. I dearly wish the Beatles albums would be released in editions like these.
    4 – All that said, I agree with Roger about the lack of video content and the seeming abandonment of the few old quad mixes (BOTR, V&M)

  8. Brian Fried says:

    1 – I think it depends on the content. Wasn't 5,000 the number of 12"s Paul signed for "Hope For The Future?" (5 x 1000 = 5000)
    2 – An anthology was, apparently, already put together before this project, which is why it's not totally complete — the outtakes will come in a future release to ensure his children have something to offer. But you're right, Nicki, in that fans have discovered through the Internet a number of options for much of the missing content. 😀
    3 – Much as I'd love The Beatles to do this, the big issue is additional content. Led Zeppelin did some incredibly beautiful packaging on their book sets… but the additional content isn't there and I know a lot of fans who just don't see it worth spending all that much money more for nothing audible. Besides, it would take the agreement of the two Beatles and two widows… and they can't seem to agree on Let It Be!
    4 – The quad mixes would have to be an additional DVD, and that raises the price on the box set; I doubt anyone at MPL really sees them as different enough to release. As for the video content, how much does Paul actually own?

    The real issue should have been planning. I think HearMusic and MPL did a great disservice by not sitting down with all the material first, figuring out an order for the songs and then decided to explore what video went best with it. Why did McCartney, for example, go into so much detail about The Beatles' breakup and not include an interview clip from the time? Why not have news reports from Australia to go with Speed Of Sound?

  9. LetEmOut says:

    There were a maximum of 200 Hope For The Future 12" discs. 100 in America and 100 in the UK.
    And if the handwriting is to be believed, Paul only signed the UK discs. The U.S. discs were signed by someone else.
    Though even this has yet to be confirmed, it again is speculation (though it is entirely believable as Paul signed copies of several other albums in limited numbers in the past, as well as copies of his books).

    So 200 discs is very different to 5000 cards.

  10. Paul McCartney Hofner says:

    Is the any information on Paul hand numbering the Super Deluxe Edition of "Tug of War"?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don't buy CD's or special editions anymore. I bought them once and now I'm only interested in the digital download. The archive serie is very pricy and I think it lacks to much songs and videos we all want to hear and see. The archive series is not worth the purchase. The music stands though.

    Best regards from Holland

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