Unboxing Flowers In The Dirt

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  1. James Percival says:

    Well, my pre-order of the 2 disc set is arriving tomorrow, and despite my disappointment that the set won't include the excellent B sides, I am pretty excited.
    But I have wasted virtually the whole morning tracking down comments and interviews with Scott Rodger (Macca's manager) to find out what has been said about the future plans for the Archive project.
    It seems that around 2014 Rodger hinted that it would be a 10 set project over 6 years, but in this January's 'interview' with Superdelux he was more guarded and suggested that the project would continue on a disc by disc basis. The subtext was that Macca seems to accept streaming is the way forward; secondly the time and cost of each production is prohibitive and not that profitable.
    For my part I would love to see the whole of the Wings era completed. I particularly like Back to the Egg and London Town, and I like most of Red Rose Speedway. I'd probably even buy Wild Life just to complete the set. Of course I would love to see all of Macca's solo output on Archive, but realistically this is not going to happen.
    But is streaming the way forward? Will it really be the case that some of his albums will never be available on CD again? I bought the whole of the early 1990s PM collection, but some of these are very tatty now. At the very least this incredible body of work ought to be available as a complete box set, as with Elvis' 60 Cd set. Perhaps this is what fans ought to be petitioning for as a more realistic outcome?

  2. Unknown says:

    I totally agree that all the 70s albums (at the very least) should be reissued. Kind of sucks that we may get deluxe packages for Pipes of Peace and McCartney II but not London Town, Back to the Egg and Red Rose Speedway. Still holding out hope.

  3. wogew says:

    No promotional card for the next release in this package.

  4. James Percival says:

    Yes, I noticed that too, Roger. Great site as always. You need thanking on a regular basis!

  5. Unknown says:

    The truth is that this is the first edition in which there is no longer a simple edition of the album. And there are demos of songs that, in fact, are in 'Off the Ground'. Bad view.

  6. Casperius says:

    Just picked up my Deluxe version of FITD and on the back of the inlay card it says "check paulmccartney.com for forthcoming releases of the McCartney Archive Collection". So maybe there is still hope for more!

  7. RLH says:

    Has anyone had a problem downloading the songs from the paul mccartney site. I put in the code to download the download files and nothing works.

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