Young Boy EP released

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  1. Debjorgo says:

    You have to get the version with the vinyl and the CDs to get the silk-screen art prints and the Ginsberg collaboration. I'm not sure why anyone would want vinyl AND CDs.

    Plus, I am still sad that the Oobu Joobu songs are not available as separate tracks.

  2. Glking14 says:

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  3. Beatlemilio says:

    8 of the 14 songs from the original 1997 album were already remastered for the 2016 compilation "Pure McCartney", so a simple CD would not have much sense for this new release.
    Much better a 2CD edition, with a very good tracklist for the CD 2 (combining 21 songs from the CD 2, CD 3 and CD 4 of the deluxe edition).

  4. bob katz says:

    P.T. Barnum

  5. Bellboy says:

    I just want that documentary In The World Tonight without spending £200!

  6. db says:

    Great demo on Young Boy, looking forward to the rest of these

  7. wogew says:

    Bellboy: No problem, here it is!

    • Bellboy says:

      Thanks! I'm in the UK and actually have it on VHS. Hopefully someone will rip the documentery in HQ after the release

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