Young Boy EP released

The former CD maxi single – now as a streaming EP

Today, Paul McCartney has released a virtual EP from his upcoming Archives editions of “Flaming Pie”, his 1997 post-“Beatles Anthology” album. You can find it on various streaming services, like Spotify. It contains the title track as fully produced, as a home demo, the single’s B-side “Looking For You” and part 1 of the “Oobujoobu”* extracts McCartney spread over a handful of maxi CD singles back then.

A video for the main title, “Young Boy”, directed by Beatles Anthology’s Geoff Wonfor is due to premiere later today, at the same time as Paul’s website, reveals the full details of the upcoming release (July 31) and the formats it will be available in.

Also, a second video for the song, directed by Alistair Donald will be published:

Yesterday, images of a double LP, a 3 LP set and a 2 CD version appeared online:

2 CD
2 LP
2LP + 1 LP

This comes in addition to a previously leaked image of the 5CD/2DVD DeLuxe edition from the online store of HMV, and a track list for the DeLuxe edition which appeared prematurely on the Norwegian and Swedish CDon webshops. We have reported on both of those incidents in previous postings.

Here’s the Collector’s edition, limited to 3000 copies and only available from Universal Music:

*”Oobujoobu” was a radio series which McCartney hosted in 1995 and aired on the American radio network Westwood One, and one episode of the radio show was released as a “Best Buy” only freebie with “Flaming Pie” in May 1997. All in all, McCartney gave us six extracts from other episodes of the series spread across six CD singles, these are all now collected on disc 4 of the upcoming DeLuxe edition of “Flaming Pie”, due out July 31.

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  1. Debjorgo says:

    You have to get the version with the vinyl and the CDs to get the silk-screen art prints and the Ginsberg collaboration. I'm not sure why anyone would want vinyl AND CDs.

    Plus, I am still sad that the Oobu Joobu songs are not available as separate tracks.

  2. Glking14 says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Beatlemilio says:

    8 of the 14 songs from the original 1997 album were already remastered for the 2016 compilation "Pure McCartney", so a simple CD would not have much sense for this new release.
    Much better a 2CD edition, with a very good tracklist for the CD 2 (combining 21 songs from the CD 2, CD 3 and CD 4 of the deluxe edition).

  4. bob katz says:

    P.T. Barnum

  5. Bellboy says:

    I just want that documentary In The World Tonight without spending £200!

  6. db says:

    Great demo on Young Boy, looking forward to the rest of these

  7. wogew says:

    Bellboy: No problem, here it is!

    • Bellboy says:

      Thanks! I'm in the UK and actually have it on VHS. Hopefully someone will rip the documentery in HQ after the release

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