New tape source for Decca Audition

Here’s a promo film that heralds the emergence of a hitherto uncirculated tape containing The Beatles’ audition for Decca Records, January 1st, 1962. It’s due out as a download before Christmas, we are promised. It’s not the same tapes that were used by Joe Pope and Circuit Records in the 70’s, and as such – there could be surprises… Not new songs, but perhaps more chat or better quality.

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    Wow, that's a name-drop I haven't seen in a while. I still have a bunch of Joe's old S.F.F. mags. One of them boasts a bunch of Patti Boyd modeling photos (pre-mania)for a very sheer bra. I consider it to be the fanzine's moment of glory…far better than the flexi of "the 3 Stooges meet The…"
    As for the tape source upgrade, is there a whole lot of sonic room for improvement? How could Mr. Vigotone have allowed such hoarding? A lot of colossal stuff from the rumormill has, as Sir Guy Grand so perfectly states, got my juices a-flowing. Should I wait at will-call? Thanks, again!

  2. Unknown says:

    We here at Bambi Kino central are very excited about this! Thanks, Rog!

  3. Ariel C says:

    Well this is such a difference in quality! No echo at all on the vocals or instruments, everything is clear as hell. I cannot wait to get this! All in all, this is such a great year in collecting. Well dry? My Arse!

  4. TheOneBeatle says:

    Seems that few people are really excited for my remaster to come out. Thanks for the support, glad you liked it. Of course i'll put the download link along with the 15 videos uploaded on January 1st, 2011.

  5. Kwai Chang says:

    I'm very excited. Whether or not it is an improved vintage source, or technology enabling new listening possibilities…never before have I felt the fab-buzz that I'm feeling these days regarding my own anticipation! There just seems to be more and more. The erroneously predicted drought has been officially cancelled. Yippee!

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