Forgotten Beatles days

“The eye of the hurricane”, Liverpool July 10, 1964

Back in 2001, Unesco announced that January 16th was to become the annual “International Beatles Day“. Not many Beatles fans know this. The date was chosen because on that date in 1957, the Cavern Club opened it’s doors for the first time. I guess this didn’t become the global event Unesco may have hoped for.

Another such day is Liverpool’s own Beatles day, July 10th. That day in 1964, the Beatles returned to Liverpool to attend the northern premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night”. Big day in Liverpool and attempts have been made to celebrate the day internationally, but we don’t think it has become very widespread.

Then of course, there’s the Global Beatles Day, June 25th (“All You Need Is Love” broadcast, 1967). Not heard about it? We didn’t think so, either.

And the one for fans, International Beatles Fan Day, June 6th (First Beatles session in Abbey Road studios). No?

Of course, on The Daily Beatle, most days are Beatledays!

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  1. faithcohen says:

    Hey Roger, Global Beatles Day is June 25th, and a lot of folks HAVE heard about it! It's on June 25th, because that is the anniversary of the first global satellite broadcast- the Beatles performed " All You Need is Love" on the BBC's Our World Broadcast. Give us some love ! Of course every day is "Beatles Day" for us, but we want this on the calendar- like Valentines Day or Grandparents Day! No tribute bands or money needs to be spent. It is a conceptual holiday meant to be a thank you note and a love letter to the Beatles. See more info at

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