Radio Peace

John Lennon composed this jingle for an Amsterdam-based radio station which never got off the ground. Recently a cassette featuring the song was sold at an auction in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here sung by Lennon and Ono. A version of the song was also featured on a bootleg from Bag Records, “Yin Yang”, which was for sale in the mid eighties.

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  1. vern gibbons says:

    When is the vinyl version coming out?

  2. T J Mailer says:

    I have heard a six CD set of Bed Peace is soon to be released with early takes and various overdubbed versions. The super deluxe version will have bed sheet replicas stapled to a miniature “BED PEACE” placard featured in the filmed press reports from that time.

  3. Gary Fulton says:

    Don’t give them any ideas!!!!! Available only through a lifetime subscription to the Disney+ channel!

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