Another colour photo from 1958

John, Paul and George, March 8, 1958. Photo: Mike McCartney

A second colour photo have come to light from when Paul, George and John entertained at Paul’s cousin’s wedding reception on March 8, 1958 in Liverpool. The first photo from this occasion appeared in a 1986 book, «Mike Mac’s white and blacks plus one colour – an Intimate Portrait of Liverpool in the ’60s». The newly published photo was also taken by Paul’s brother Mike (14 years old at the time) and appears in his new book, Mike McCartney’s early Liverpool

A previously published photo from the same occasion, from one of Mike McCartney’s earlier photo books.

Both George and Paul were 15 years old at the time, George having just had his birthday and Paul is three months away from turning 16. John is 17 and a half.

In his blog post, Mark Ashworth speculates that this may have been George Harrison’s first gig with the band.

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  1. Ted P says:

    Interesting that suits were part of their image long before Brian!

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