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The Beatles have made available another sample from the upcoming «Revolver» DeLuxe, this time from the sessions tracks, here’s «Tomorrow Never Knows Take 1».

The track is also available from streaming services.

This take was also included on «Anthology vol. 2», but here it is with a little added Lennon nonsense, plus that we get it visualised in the accompanying video.

“We had no sense of the momentousness of what we were doing,” Geoff Emerick recalled. “It all just seemed like a bit of fun in a good cause at the time – but what we created that afternoon was actually the forerunner of today’s beat-and-loop-driven music.”

Andre Gardner has listened through the whole boxed set, here is his review.

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  1. nateboy2 says:

    I think there’s some extra measures in the middle that might have been edited out on Anthology. Plus, hearing the full breakdown at the end is really a treat. I can’t wait for the box set.

  2. DukeViking_former 2Leg says:

    this mix run at 3:45 compared the A2 at 3:15. You are collect that there are a couple of extra measures in the middle.

  3. Rickenbacker325 says:

    There are extras throughout…intro is definitely longer..and the bit before the second verse is as well…and of course the ending

  4. Ronald says:

    The review of the box set does not mention the outtake of Taxman. Presumably one of several previously released on Anthology 2. As for the 39 seconds of I Want To Tell You, which take 4 is it? We should be able to find out as the vocals come in after about 16 seconds. The first take 4 is almost certainly another backing track. I’m not sure whether the second Rain track will include John’s original vocal before it was slowed down. The numerous backing tracks are I suppose inevitable because of the way they were recording. If only we could hear the original demos they were listening to through their headphones as they were playing….if they still exist!

  5. Shad Radna says:

    There may be a fraction of a second more of the tape spin at the beginning, and inevitably the two versions run at slightly different speeds, but otherwise this is essentially identical to the Anthology version right up to the point where that version fades out.

  6. Rick says:

    I didn’t care for it. Won’t be buying any of the new stuff. I’ll stick with what I have thank you.

  7. Tony Littman says:

    Releasing this track, on its own, as a “taster” single is a daft decision. 1) Beatles fans already have it, and the inclusion of a few extra seconds is hardly going to ignite frenzy.
    2) The track is an out-of-sync mess, and unlistenable to the general public 3) There was no reason not to release the remixed track proper, with this as a second track.

  8. James Peet says:

    I always enjoyed this first take, although, it doesn’t quite live up to Mark Lewisohn’s description in his Recording Sessions book from1988. There are extras and I’m happy. People have to realise that the way that the band were recording meant that for that period, there’s mainly backing tracks, sans vocals. This is so, unless it was a different arrangement, whereby they’d try vocals. I’m looking forward to this box, if I hear new stuff, then it’s entirely worthwhile.

    With the energy bills scandal in the UK at the moment, I might look for a dynamo that I can attach to an exercise bike and the cd player, so I can hear it before starvation, hypothermia claims me.

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