Black Friday Record Store Day

There are a few Beatles related releases for this year’s Record Store Day “Black Friday” November 25 – 2022. Quite a few items from Ringo Starr and a sampler from Dark Horse Records.

The Best of Dark Horse Records: 1974-1977

Dark Horse Records The Best of 1974-1977. Tracks from Ravi Shankar, Stairsteps (formerly The Five Stairsteps), Keni Burke, Splinter, Jiva, Attitudes (with Jim Keltner, David Foster, Danny Kortchmar and Paul Stallworth), and Henry McCullough (Wings og Joe Cocker’s Grease Band). Limited edition: 2150 copies. Whenever we refer to a number in limited quantities, these are usually USA numbers, there may be more copies available in other countries.
Side A
1. Ravi Shankar – I Am Missing You
2. Ravi Shankar – Dispute & Violence
3. Splinter – Costafine Town
4. Splinter – Lonely Man
5. Attitudes – Ain’t Love Enough
6. Attitudes – Sweet Summer Music

Side B
1. Stairsteps – From Us To You
2. Stairsteps – Time
3. Keni Burke – Give All You Can Give
4. Henry McCullough – Lord Knows
5. Henry McCullough – Mind Your Own Business
6. Jiva – Take My Love

Ringo Starr: Old Wave (CD)

Old Wave, Ringo’s studio album from 1983, produced by Joe Walsh og Russ Bollard. Only released in three countries at the time, in the USA and UK they had lost faith in Ringo as a solo artist. Still, a nice “back to rock and roll roots” album from Ringo. Despite it having been remastered in High definition 24-bit/96 Khz, the CD format is not capable of reproducing this, limited to 16-bit / 44.1 Khz as they are. Contains the bonus track “As Far As We Can Go” (Early version). Limited edition 500 copies.

Tracks: In My Car | Hopeless | Alibi | Be My Baby | She’s About A Mover | I Keep Forgettin | Picture Show Life | As Far As We Can Go | Everybody’s In A Hurry But Me | Going Down | As Far As We Can Go

Ringo Starr: Old Wave (LP)

Old Wave LP: And here it is on vinyl, for those with a record player. The bonus track debuts on vinyl with this release, limited to 2000 copies.

Live At The Greek Theater 2019

RINGO STARR AND HIS ALL-STARR BAND: Live At The Greek Theater 2019. Double-LP with a live recording from this otherwise unavailable concert. Limited to 2000 copies.

1. Matchbox
2. It Don’t Come Easy
3. What Goes On
4. Evil Ways
5. Rosanna
6. Pick Up the Pieces
7. Down Under
8. Boys
9. Don’t Pass Me By
10. Yellow Submarine
11. Cut the Cake
12. Black Magic Woman
13. You’re Sixteen
14. Anthem
15. Overkill
16. Africa
17. Work to Do
18. Oye Como Va
19. I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Who Can It Be Now?
21. Hold the Line
22. Photograph
23. Act Naturally
24. Help From My Friends

In addition there’s two more colours for your “Ringo the 4th” LP collection, translucent orange (1000 copies) and translucent blue (1000 copies).

8 Responses

  1. JOSE RENATO says:

    Crap releases…..

    • dpannell666 says:

      In the case of Ringo the 4th, that is undeniably true. Old Wave is not too bad, though. And I’d be keen to get “Live at the Greek Theatre 2019”, although my chances are slim as there are only 2000 copies. I hope there’s a general release of some sort.

  2. Rick Garvin says:

    Scraping the bottom of the Beatle

  3. Timothy W says:

    There are some good songs in these releases.
    I hope someday Ringo goes for an archival and remaster release of the “Ringo” album from 1973. With the other three Beatles featured in the writing, performing, and vocals (at least background vocals), it would be very nice to hear. For outtakes, I have heard a complete Lennon vocal rehearsal of “I Am the Greatest” and Paul’s outtakes of the scat style singing at the end of Six O’clock (only heard on the 8 Track tape version). Probably some other gems there too.

  4. John Kaelin says:

    Old Wave & Stop & Smell the Roses are the two CDs I need from Ringo. So I’m hoping to get a copy of the former as they have been out of print for years.

  5. Ntwined88 says:

    Really excited to see the best of Dark Horse set. Although I managed to collect all of the original DH label lps, when I finally ran across the original Dark Horse artists promo lp

    a while back, it was just unaffordable for me personally

  6. The “Live At The Greek Theater 2019” 2CD is listed on Amazon today for $16.99.

  7. Mark says:

    Only 500 copies of the Ringo CD??? Well that is brainless and will make near impossible to obtain.

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