Black Friday Record Store Day

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  1. JOSE RENATO says:

    Crap releases…..

    • dpannell666 says:

      In the case of Ringo the 4th, that is undeniably true. Old Wave is not too bad, though. And I’d be keen to get “Live at the Greek Theatre 2019”, although my chances are slim as there are only 2000 copies. I hope there’s a general release of some sort.

  2. Rick Garvin says:

    Scraping the bottom of the Beatle

  3. Timothy W says:

    There are some good songs in these releases.
    I hope someday Ringo goes for an archival and remaster release of the “Ringo” album from 1973. With the other three Beatles featured in the writing, performing, and vocals (at least background vocals), it would be very nice to hear. For outtakes, I have heard a complete Lennon vocal rehearsal of “I Am the Greatest” and Paul’s outtakes of the scat style singing at the end of Six O’clock (only heard on the 8 Track tape version). Probably some other gems there too.

  4. John Kaelin says:

    Old Wave & Stop & Smell the Roses are the two CDs I need from Ringo. So I’m hoping to get a copy of the former as they have been out of print for years.

  5. Ntwined88 says:

    Really excited to see the best of Dark Horse set. Although I managed to collect all of the original DH label lps, when I finally ran across the original Dark Horse artists promo lp

    a while back, it was just unaffordable for me personally

  6. The “Live At The Greek Theater 2019” 2CD is listed on Amazon today for $16.99.

  7. Mark says:

    Only 500 copies of the Ringo CD??? Well that is brainless and will make near impossible to obtain.

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